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  1. same error here , EU - Jinsoyun name of char : LockNoob i can login to my other char WardenNoob
  2. Warlocks needs more nerf.. warlocks can air you without cc with badge.! warlocks can daze you on thier block each time! warlocks untargble, in sanctum.. cd to low with time distortion.. increase CD ! warlocks can infinite cc you with time distortion ! warlock can hide behinde thrall, untagtble. Thrall can pull you and is usable during cc (with Q ) seriously, warlock is the ONLY class that can 1 shot you so easily!
  3. This is a suggestion to the devs to add maybe Bound To Account currency converter? For example can trade 1 moonstone crystal to 2 soulstone crystals... or any other currency that is currently Bound To Account can be converted for somethink else?
  4. any one else cant select a battleground to enter? it says nova core today, but its locked for me.
  5. 151 keys.. 0 gems procs.. (no legandary or heptagonal). i just feel. .cheated :X
  6. any one else finds it funny that to craft 1 hexagonal gem pouch you need 10 gem powder fragments among other mats, while you can buy the diamon with AP for only 4 gem powder fragments? seriously the developers completly out of touch from thier game.. this must get reworked its too ridiculous. unless im missing somethink?...
  7. why is holy fire considered better than alluvion? with around 200 ping i can do maybe 12 hearthstub in 6 sec... why alluvion is 10 sec reduction every 10 sec .. can any 1 help me understand?
  8. radiant energy still required for crafting in the radiant ring.. bug ?
  9. in case any 1 intrested.. i tried to create another character on a diffrent server (Windrest) , and i could get into the game! however with my main characters that located on server (Cardinal Gates) i still get this error, and cant play
  10. i cant get into the game. after i press accsept in the user agreement page... i see my chars.. i can swich between them but once i press start game i get error 300- server authentication failure.. any solution to that?
  11. yea guys common dont be ridiculus.. a fire bm that forces himself to sacrefice cc to be able to kill you in 3 shots.. its no op at all.. its not like he kills you in 1 or 2 shots.. common
  12. so. .with new awakned skills.. wonder how ppl found the highest dps rotation during sb? im shadow build.. wonder if spamming rmb and lmb (for focus regain when needed) or rmb /helix. .or.. rmb/helix/f... didnt tried frost build yet.. any thoughts?
  13. you guys do notice what your doing right? your taking a class (summoner) and deffending each of IT skills by comaring them to other CLASSES! dont compare summoner skills to other classes.. compare summoner to another class... tell me what class have this on him: 1. stealth (low cd) 2.pet (unkible basicly) + high mobilety) 3.awsome healing,focus regain ( low cd) 4.spead buff 5. deff/parry penetration on thier spamble skills 6. pin +stun while cced (pet) 7. immunity there probebly more points i didnt mantion BUT not
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