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  1. Are we gonna get extended premium time Due to your constant server downtime? you're literally wasting our money if we don't .


    1. Stop Merging my thread. This has nothing to due with 'FREE Goodies'

    2. This is the 5th time my thread has been deleted.  

    3. I've got all night NCsoft.  Keep on Deleting And I'll keep on Posting.  

    4. Poor Damage control.

  2. 2 minutes ago, 882260_1452550489 said:

    They ain't gonna give out freebies like Obama has, cuz they will lose money duh. So stop asking for freesh!t

     I don't want FREE shit, I want the Primium Time That I am Cannout use due to. They're servers being down. Time that i PAID for.