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  1. As long as it is a market bound by the laws of the country housing the company (in this case U.S) there will be converting rates and taxes included. A game is a market, converting RLM into NCoins is buying products, you are eligible for taxes and currency change rates.
  2. Integrated GPU makes me lol everytime I see it What are people expecting... Razer and AMD war are ground I'm not threading on. WAYY to close to value debate for comfort... you're just meeting walls every corners.
  3. While you're right... Vista had a use? I mean, outside of being the UTMOST example of how not to code an OS? Moreover, I'm of those who believes that not upgrading to something else no matter how bad or good it is, is just slowing development and doesn't contribute to advancement of technology. Dev companies doesn't know right out of the way how bad something will turn out, they need feedback and for feedback they need people. Refusing to upgrade because you,re scared of losing I-Don't-Know-What (especially when it's a free upgrade from 7 to 10 (FREE DAMMNIT)) is silly. Always keep a cd-key of previous OS to be capable of reverting if something happens, but staying in the past out of fear is just hindering development. I understand companies an such because upgrading from an OS to another costs massive amounts of money that most doesn,t dare spend in the IT department (they feel it's where they can cut as much as they want where it's the department they should invest in as much as possible (Personal opinion)) But hey, I'm derailing the thread .-.
  4. Wind Walking and the Lack of Stamina

    That I knew! just not the sprint thing... JEEZ I'm so ignorant, ashamed of myself.
  5. This post made me think about manually checking my drivers haven,t done that for a while yikes! What did he expect? He used " I hate windows 10 as much as the next person " while not providing any fact to back his claim? of course fan boys from everywhere will come and back him or lash at him. Especially when there's such a free and generic claim to pile on.
  6. Wind Walking and the Lack of Stamina

    NO WAY! I need to test this out like right now!
  7. I read many complaints about the game and most replies are that the game is in his first month of launch and is still new. Others counter this by saying that the game is, in fact, a few years old in other region and it shouldn't be an excuse for x factor (bot, gold spam, etc.) My own question being: can we truly say that the game is a certain amount of years old when the company responsible for its porting to NA and EU region is independant from the mother-house and also when the community itself is mostly new despite those who played through VPN/Proxy in other regions. Should it be considered as new as a freshly developped game and have the community be lenient on either bugs or possibly fun-ruining factors? Or, because the NA/EU team borrowed the coding and ported it to a new region, should it be treated as an old game and judged based on the fact that it was already preexisting before its N.A launch independantly of the community itself who, in majority, may never have played the game while old players may feel irritated by some gap that aren't present in other regions?
  8. You...You damn genius Why didn't I think of that sooner!!!
  9. PSA: Don't Leave Your Group Behind

    I'll wait during auction, NO PROBLEM. I'll wait if I see people coming my way. But if that *cricketing* guy decides to AFK behind when all of us are waiting to start the boss and he didn't warn anyone whatsoever, then much loss for you big boy, this won't be your time to shine. Especially when you still get access to rewards and end bid even when you got the flamewall at the last boss.
  10. Cosmetics

    Tested it: stays the same through both breakthrough and upgrade. Feel safe!
  11. You are terrible git gud. [ door ] <= WIDE OPEN
  12. Take a breath, relax. I know where you're coming from, had the same experience when I started pvping in GW2 a few years ago. I was of the mind that it was downright *cricket* that people could do whatever they wanted and I had little to no feedback as to what was happening. Couple it with a fast pace combat system and I was ready to throw my keyboard away. I felt it was excessively punishing. But I perserved through this and here's my feedback on that sort of system a few years later (4): It's a GREAT system. Yes, great once you take the time to learn it. And the learning curve is not user-friendly. In fact, I'm ready to use the word "punishing" to describe it. You'll lose more game than not just to try and learn the system itself. But you also have to learn your class ON TOP of all the others. It's incredibly overwhelming, especially if you're not used to that sort of PvP. Punishing, but incredibly exciting and it's worth the trouble, I promise. In a fast paced action type game like BnS, written feedback would add tremendous confusion and useless garbage on the screen. You do not have the time to read what is written and keep track of your opponent. You cannot, decently, expect the devs to add written tooltips when it would clutter the screen and prevent people from seeing what's happening. If I could, I'd remove everything but my health, chi and skills bar. Oh and my enemy's. Otherwise, I just can't see and adding writting on top of that would make me tear my hair's apart. However that doesn't mean there's no feedback. There's PLENTY of it. It's incredible how much feedback the game actually gives you. Noise feedback, to notice if you blocked or even missed your hit... visual feedback in the form of telegraphed animation that you can memorize, visual feedback in the form of stacks that lets you anticipate events. CDs, ICDs, etc. The feedback given by this game's system is actually incredibly detailed, but it takes time to learn and familiarize yourself with it and it's not friendly to new players. Especially if you're used to board games or turn by turn pvp. I feel like you take this game and put it in a board game context, where as it's more of an action type almost "FPS"-like game, with relatively fast paced combat. OP, trust me on this, read on other classes and look at video of them PvPing. I feel you when you do not want to grind your way just to learn a class, I won't do it either. But watching others playing on classes you do not know gives you the ability to at least learn their animation and pay attention to what you should watch. Writting advices/tooltip is not an option in this sort of game, instead they rely on audible and visual cue that you need to notice and pay attention to in order to know what's going on around you.
  13. so many arena bots

    Troll rating : 5/7 - ign
  14. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    If it's Faction quest I usually leave people well-enough alone, but always keep an eye around, however any other quest I'm a "kill-on-sight" type. I don't take any chance and you usually have the upper hand if you attack first. Well I try not to do it in very low-level area and will warn people once to remove it unless they want to get jumped. If they ignore me my warning I assume they know what they are in and attack, without finishing them off (that I rarely do, it's just not fun to have to port back)
  15. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    Well, while I don't condone his behaviour, why do you have your gear equipped to help a friend? My fun is to attack other players, anyone I see. You have the choice in this game to have OW PvP or not, which is not the same in all games, so people with their gear, me included, assume that if you have it equipped, you're ready for action.