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  1. actually i like that idea moreso than adding in an extra dungeon, increased drop and allowing it to be sold on mp but i think a clan mp could also be useful-- clans selling items they craft/dungeon drops (like a clan vault?) to other clans and that being a way to get items into clan pot(whether it cost gold, naryus, soulstones, insig, or moonstone) time to farm these floors until it drops aaaa, thanks for that info ♥ (i always stop at naksun bc he's headache enough for me lmao) i think if they counted people who were alts as nonexistent in factions, it would even it out better
  2. i run a 'competitive clan' (we're not competitive, it was automatically switched over which is annoying, but i can at least monitor who joins and leaves my clan) anyways clan uniform options are limited, and the mats needed for something that LOOKS decent is on f10 or a VERY rare drop from dungeons (mirage crystal, design mats, fabric-- which you can only get from salvaging or buying off mp, dye polish, etc.) the amount of faction insignia is limited to get, i believe the max amount is 15? (i dont bother doing ssp lmao, it's one sided aka a waste of time) that's 15 a d
  3. i was gonna go off on a tangent but, vote to kick shouldnt be a thing until the community is less toxic
  4. i would be 10x more willing to buy ncoin more often if the items were cheaper in the hmstore(or if they gave more ncoin for the price theyre selling it at), so i def agree
  5. definitely need a last seen online system and a clan logger system-- to see who started item crafting in clan workshop, to the donations etc also, from playing other games that have a guild/clan system that shows who has donated and such, made me feel much more likely to donate semi-off topic: also making it easier to get items for clan crafting (there are mats only available in the HM store, i feel like that says a lot of NCSoft if they wont even make it grindable lol) i'm fine w grinding for items for BNS but i dont like being forced to open my wallet for an item
  6. support closes tickets i send in that they don't even respond to LOL (i eventually got my ncoin but never a response from support saying the problem has been solved)
  7. sarcasm is funny, but all in all seriousness-- is she a KFM or is she some special fan whacking-wielding class? ---------this is just rambling tbh so it's unnecessary to read: i'm trying out gunner and redoing the story and noticed there's no direct focus on her combat? (granted i'm not nearly out of cinderlands and my memory is foggy on early story aside from hajoon, throwing a rock at lusung(lusang? i cant even remember how his name is spelled), and a few other key, yet insignificant details(like the lyn child who died bc of betraying the city to yura))
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