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  1. KFM Leading Palm Question

    So... I was reading over my abilities just for fun, and I found something odd in the Leading Palm ability. With all that text I noticed something that stood out. Deals 50% Focus damage to Frozen enemies. Breaks Freeze Now.... what the hell constitutes Freeze? I thought for a second that I'd be able to use it against FMs to try to counter all of their Ice Armor. But that's a complete lie. So I don't really know if this is useful for that. The 50% Focus Damage seems kinda cool. If it's referring to Ice Guard's Freeze effect... that seems REALLY pointless to break them out of it in exchange for 50% focus damage. But I'm not entirely sure if it has any other benefits either. Any thoughts?
  2. Summoner vs Assassin

    Pretty much. On my Assassin, if I choose NOT to do the Hit and Run and Hide tactic to wear out the timer, I'm going to get stomped. Because most of our kit is locked behind the Stealth Stance. Summoners are a *cricket*ing nightmare. The easiest way to fight a Sin, is to keep up the pressure with your AoEs. Watch out for their "shadow" you can still see them in stealth, so it'll give you a good idea of where to aim your attacks. Especially your Sunflower. Also. Cat Tackle. Most Sins won't have a lot of time to adjust and keep their Escape Lotus up, so it's all about pressure pressure pressure. Don't play their game. They want to wait, watch, and figure out when to go in (Within a 6, 10, or 15 second time-frame depending on what invisibility they're running at the time).
  3. New player, same old question

    Summoner = Easiest in PvP. Seems OP, but gets wrecked the higher up you go. KFM/Blade Master/Sin = Most OP in the game. Leagues harder to play than Summoner. Take your pick.
  4. How many moves were removed?

    This guy knows what's up
  5. Dark Strike vs Lightning Pierce

    Dark Strike does more damage, period. Your focus regeneration is based on a few things. So let me try to help you out with it. 1 - Critical Hits - Regeneration with Left Click and Refunds with Dark Strike and Heart Stab ( for HM when it comes out) 2 - Lightning Rend - You wanna take the Second Tree of this. It'll give you a massive amount of focus over a period of time to keep it up. 3 - Smoke Screen - This one is also very important. Laying this down while you're spamming your Animation Canceling will also keep you high in uptime. 4 - Fighting Spirit - Another ability you need to learn to use to keep that going. 5 - Your Weapon - Your weapon has Focus procs on it. If it keeps going, you'll be fine. Managing all of that is pretty crazy, but Dark Strike Sin is currently the highest single target damaging spec in this game. You'll out DPS FMs easily. But whether or not you can keep it going is just up to you.
  6. Decoy Stage 3 Form 2

    Tested and confirmed. Against Red attacks Decoy is absolutely useless. It's really only good if your main tank misses his block on a regular attack. Even the heal isn't that good, because of the pure fact that unless everyone walks infront of a conal attack from a boss, only the person who resists will get the heal. So maybe good for Terror type AoEs to save everyone an i-Frame, but it's on a 30 second CD for everyone but you. Take that as you will, I suppose. It would take an enormous amount of coordination and stuttering people's abilities to get any use out of it at all. Complete garbage 100%
  7. wow pvp balanced

    There's very few people in Arena who are under 45. That's just a fact of life.
  8. Reversal Lag/Delay

    Oh, I'm so used to my characters who have 2 as their reversal lol, my bad. But you're not entirely wrong, either. You see I've been having the same issue against BDs. I'm not sure if it's a GG related issue, or what. But yeah, sometimes my Reversal just doesn't happen, and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe because I use a Naga and the mouse input delay? But it doesn't go on CD either. I only noticed this issue after GG was reinstated. I wish I could help you more, but yeah, having the same issue now.
  9. Decoy Stage 3 Form 2

    As far as I know in theory. But I still haven't had the chance to test it properly. I will try to get around to it tonight if I remember and get back to you ASAP.
  10. HM skills Logic

    I wouldn't go so far as to complain about the leveling, because that's how you learn your class abilities over time. It's a natural progression. Plenty of people complain about gearing up already (Especially if they have more than one character that they like) but since it doesn't exactly apply to Arena (Aside from qualifying for Dungeon runs to grind for your HM skills which is a bummer, for sure), it doesn't apply exactly.
  11. Reversal Lag/Delay

    The problem happens because you're thrashing your 1 key so much. It puts both of your abilities on a GCD. So, what you need to do, when you're grabbed, is simply nothing. Either hit 2 or use Tab. If you notice, when Plat+ players get grabbed most of them don't do anything, to make sure that their reversal registers properly.
  12. HM skills Logic

    You know I had the same thought in the shower last night. xD Always seems to happen, I think of something, and you guys post about it. But I TOTALLY AGREE! If for one simple aspect. A lot of things about this game hurt it's Internation eSports Viability. And this is a glaring one. In every other highly watched competitive game around the world, once you're in the game, you have access to ALL the things you need to do what you're supposed to do. Kill the enemy. The idea of Blade and Soul doubling as an MMO is a pretty sweet idea. Gives you some other things to do besides rage in the arena. But having your HM skills locked behind a Gold Wall, or leaving it up to RNGesus is not really forgivable. And it doesn't matter whether or not those HM Skills are boosts (Like the Assassin's Counter HM Skills) or absolutely crucial for high-tier play (Lightning Draw for Blade Master) having no other way to get these skills but by PvEing your eyes out for competitive PvP content is absurd. The Zen Beans could be a great deal changer here. Because, to be completely fair, I have very little interest in the PvE in this game. It's not hard, it's not challenging, and not exactly exciting either. But I love PvP. To a massive amount. So, let's say I just main one character, and get all that PvE up and get him all teched out finally for the current content (Minus the HM Levels because fuuuuuuck), what if I wanna try out say.... a Destroyer? Or a Blade Master? HOLY HELL do I have yet ANOTHER grind ahead of me. Have to catch up in levels, then upgrade my gear to continue to advance in the PvE so I'm current enough to grind out THOSE HM Skills, and because it's a new character, I HAVE to, since otherwise I'd be dumping even MORE gold to get the skills or grinding achievements AGAIN to get that character current. JUST to get a feel of what it's like to have a High-Tier character to see if I like it better than my previous one, because I FINALLY have all the tools at my disposal to make an informed decision on whether or not that class better suits my playstyle. Can you see how that shit gets out of hand like WAY too *cricket*ing fast? It's bad enough the combat boils down to Tab-Fishing and then (In Korea lol) A macro'd combo that basically is an "Win" button, but how are the casuals supposed to get amped for spectating or enjoying the game when the wall is there preventing them from experience the eSports life first hand? In DotA, League of Legends, CS, (Not so much Hearthstone, but it's there), StarCraft, Street Fighter, Tekken, etc etc all the tools are available to you ASAP (Exception is League but that's a lot of content and shit to learn lol, so it's kinda good that it's all spaced out but it also doesn't take a huge amount of time to work through that stuff). I could pick up a controller in Street Fighter V and be on par with Daigo immediately. I won't have the dexterity, knowledge, or other tertiary skills related to the game. But the GAME itself is as available to me as it is to him. I don't have to play 5000 Matches with Ryu to unlock his Shin Hadouken or any such nonesense. Anyway, end of rant. Zen beans for HM Skills. Or something. Por favor.
  13. Decoy Stage 3 Form 2

    I'm not entirely sure, to be honest, Shadow. My testing yesterday with my gf was very sketchy to say the least. But, your party members can only be affected by it every 30 seconds. But based on the skill description they only recieve the heal if they enter stealth. 5% over 10 Seconds can be pretty negligible. But since the only thing that can "block" red moves is pure Damage Resist abilities (Of which, this isn't one), I would assume not. I'll try to test it next time we can, but I can almost assure you it will fail. In general, I find the ability useless, unless you have a few party members who have their iFrames on CD (For example... a Destroyer, since they barely have any at all except for a well timed specced Tab).
  14. Decoy Stage 3 Form 2

    Was just working on this last night lol. So here's how it works. When you use Decoy, every party member within 50m of you recieves a buff for 1.5 seconds. If they're attacked during that time, they resist and get Stealth. You're basically using Counter for them and yourself at the same time. HOWEVER, regardless if it works or not all your party members will recieve a debuff that prevents them from getting Stealth again for 30 seconds. They will still Resist, I believe, however. That's all I was able to figure out.
  15. Thunderstruck?

    Ah, okay. It's not very clear on BNSTree how the damage is actually scaled. That makes more sense. Thank you very much. I guess they do equal out.