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  1. Hello Tonight I was thinking if I should continue to play blade and soul. I've came up with conclusion that the answer is No. Why? For a start , when friends introduced me to the game , I was sceptic but It completely blew my mind ! Combat was great , graphics were great ( ik not for 2016 but I just liked the style of it ) ,questing and story was fun though I am not much of a story guy . I did have a bit performance issues but nothing major . It took me time to figure how to craft but I accepted it and it was all ok for me . After that , If I am not wrong , in fe
  2. SInce patch , I got bigger fps dips and stuttering ? Anyone?
  3. When I saw performance optimization listed in patch notes , I knew it will go wrong again. I have bigger fps drops and more stuttering then before , same like last "optimization" , screw this. Also there is now some horrible skill delay .
  4. They are easiest to counter , trash tier class
  5. Did you actually just qq about blade master , rofl
  6. It downloads it again when on start .
  7. So you liked it before when it still had "horrible controls , elementary school level story writing , bad level design" ... but now you don't . Just get out of here teen haters , only thing I am sick in this game are you , kids .Spaming nosense both of forums and ingame . Literally worse then the bots .
  8. QQ much . Everybody talks about bots but I have YET to across one . People just talks when they lose thats it's a bot . I dont say that there aren't bots but its not even close in number that you think they are .
  9. Thanks guys , very interesting to read !
  10. Hello My main is destroyer aka spin 2 win for lowies . As much as I love to play this guy I hit the wall in arena facing bds , kfms and sins . So I am looking for a fresh ,FUN and strong class both pve and pvp . I tried wl , didnt like his mehanics at all . Played also with bm but I dont see myself playing him alot since he is weak in arena , especially in my hands . I tried for couple of levels kfm and assassin , just to check their mehanics a bit and all . I kinda like them both . So , basically which of these 2 could you recommend me , pros and cons ? Will I b
  11. Hello , not so long ago there was a thread where a guy was complaining how hard time he has against destroyers . For me its exactly the opposite . I just can't figure how to deal with good, poking assassins that are not letting me to get close . They seem to resist most of my skills . I would also like if someone can give me some good build for destroyer since I have some mix of mine and 10 others .
  12. Assassin is superhard counter for destroyers lel . You don't TRADE with any of those , you poke them .
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