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  1. Bladedancer PvP Montage - Oldschool Style

    Btw yes im from Warmane :D who are u ? You can see my WoW videos in my channel
  2. Bladedancer PvP Montage - Oldschool Style

    Destroyers spin allot too... For me personally most annoying class is summoner plus i dont think there is spin to win in this video
  3. Bladedancer PvP Montage - Oldschool Style

    NO idea mate, i dont think that BD is OP class all classes are strong but if u hate the BD class is no need to hate my video... i work hard on it..
  4. Bladedancer PvP montage I work on it 2 full days i hope you guys enjoy it. 1080p or 720p (HD) -
  5. New Class in BnS?

    What about Samurai class using Two-hand Katana and having one more stance of using Double Katana swords
  6. New Class in BnS?

    Ok meybe guns wont make any sense in the story as you say, but what about a Bow? Hunter with bow have sense. Also many ppl actually don't really care about the story in the game. This game is Famous with the fact it has most balanced PvP system and equalization to the stats So gear here can't help you win your opponent in Arena only a true display of skill will do it! So that's the biggest reason why so many ppl actually like the game. For sure not because of the story after all story for me is kinda stupid xD
  7. New Class in BnS?

    Yeah double blade class would be great actually!
  8. New Class in BnS?

    What Class do you guys think that this game is missing ? My personal opinion is - Gunner or Hunter with Bow (ranger) I think many players will enjoy to play this kind of a class, with allot of utility and mobility escapes
  9. Most OP class for PvP

    Hello guys! Who is the most OP pvp Class for you right now? For me personally is Summoner, I'm 1800 1v1 reiting Bladedancer and my biggest problem is Summoners they are the huge reason why i can't climp more then that for now.. I try everything CCing the summoner for 30s kill the cat or CC cat kiling the summoner the good players aways find a way to get out of CC and kick your ass... also they can share hp with the cat having so much escape and utility and servive ability like wtf its really hard, idk if this is the most OP class meybe is just counter to me, but it's really hard for me to defeat them =( Sorry for my Engrish xD
  10. Why after i sell like 6-7 items in marketshop late in the day i can't sell anything??!? shows me its failed to put in AH !? Why is this wats going on? this is every day...