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  1. Thank you Ncsoft! Silverfrost Content!!!!

    Agreed, all of that sounds like fun. Here's hoping we get a release date on their next live stream unless there was one that I didn't see.
  2. I would have to say Yura. She's my favorite.
  3. I saw that too, but on the home page of the site it says the 3rd so I'm not sure what is right.
  4. You sure it's not March 3rd? The front page says March 3rd.
  5. Please patch notes for the hotfix!

    ah ok, sorry I'm not sure what's up.
  6. Please patch notes for the hotfix!

    I had the same issue. Go to your "Task Manager" and click "Services" tab then look for "Razer Chroma SDK Service" and disable it assuming you have Razer products. That should allow you to download it.
  7. game stoped working after the patch

    Also can't get past the Ncsoft screen before it crashes. Was working fine before maintenance so it's not on my end.