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  1. procurando membros, mande pm para shinigamy, deixe um reply no forun ou mande um mail pra contato... temos raidcall e WhatsApp....
  2. Hackers in PVE and Hackers in Arena

    Report to ban dont work becouse: útil they are get ban, they alread did and transfer they gold, so when he get ban, he alread are doing another char to lvl 45 to keep farming, a lot of these bots are gold seller, they have anothers chars to keep farming even if some get ban..... IP BAN + protect game to start with hack tools....
  3. Hackers in PVE and Hackers in Arena

    Its alread one plague, and u expend a lot of time to report they, and they keep on game..... Blade and bots .... they need IP ban + protec again hackers tools to start game.... that game guard is not for that?
  4. Stop failing NCSoft..

    are spoiling the game leaving these bot to farm if the server NA will be permissive with bot, rather stop just before waste my time.... IP BAN to these bots, and protect from news....
  5. A LOT OF BOTS in servers

    that is it, a lot of bots, i can see they doing fac quest soon at quests reset, and all day too.... is so mutch bots..... i even ask if they are allowed, or its just permissive..... but this things spoils the game..... IP ban to bots
  6. A LOT OF BOTS in servers

    even with report they keep on game....
  7. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132, 10054)

    i have the same error, in Randon places/times
  8. now i get game crash and need restart the pc to relog.... is impossible to play like that

    good ideia
  10. i try everything i can imagine, windows 8/7 mode, disable anti-virus, even firewall..... and nothing happens, always get disconect only have one place where i can play woth out get disconnect (and that show that problem is not my pc) dungeon loby - im at cross-server all time, i know, im dont have progress in quests or lvl, but play less then w8 in queue is not better.... i hope that helps more ppls. (juwol server - se esta procurando um guilda do cerulian no juwol, mande pm para ninfetamine)
  11. Getting Disconnected

    after downtime FPS was better, but disconnect problem still on
  12. still have crash after downtime

    more 4 game crash after downtime, before crash only when server fill up, and now even without queue was get crash :(
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    if there have internet + one pc its ok
  14. Server down or crashed ?

    #edits chat tabs #nomoarrrrrgoldsellers #enjoythegame. i only see guild/pt/pm
  15. Server down or crashed ?

    #edits chat tabs #nomoarrrrrgoldsellers #enjoythegame.
  16. Server down or crashed ?

    my chat only show pt/guild and wisper becouse gold bots
  17. Server down or crashed ?

    COMPENSATION = trouble with dc fixed, enjoy
  18. Procuro Guild BR ou PT ou Latina

    procuro uma guilda tb, nick: Ninfetamine (cerulian)
  19. Server down or crashed ?

    if he is in poharam 24 is possible get that :)
  20. Server down or crashed ?

    if the problem with crash are really resolved, ill be great...
  21. Constant crashing SOLVED! (finally!)

    my pc? in another blade and soul servers that dont happens, in japonese, even in non-oficial servers (and i test in Taiwan, russian ) that not happens, and that only happens when server is full
  22. Constant crashing SOLVED! (finally!)

    i have the same problem.... i pass more 30min - 1hr w8 at queue to log and 15 min playing....