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  1. Woah. Calm down, kid. Is this your first time playing an MMO freshly released? It's not mine. I've played in many betas. Closed and open. There is absolutely no way for any of them to predict exactly how much server capacity they'll need. It happened in Trove. It happened in Rift. It's happened in many games. By many different producers. They're doing their best so kindly shove it. Queues are inevitable until the influx of players becomes more stable and consistent and they're able to increase server capacity and (like they have already done) add even more servers. I commend the
  2. Not pay to win at all. There's obviously perks and benefits to paying money but why wouldn't there be? Servers cost money, employees cost money, a lot of people's careers and pay depend on this game. But people still cry about having to wait 15~ minutes to log into a game that JUST came out to Open Beta to a region that has waited years for its arrival and paying players are given a priority to login. lol. Whatever. Outside of extenuating circumstances, the game is fairly even for paid players and free players. As far as progress and competition. Paying is more for the convenience or cosmet
  3. It's all good, man. lol. I was just messing with ya. :) I'm surprised though. I'm on Windows 10 and didn't expect it to run as well as it has. Though I don't doubt there's serious compatibility issues somewhere along.
  4. I've played games where the mail was open to everyone and my mail was spammed with gold sellers constantly on a few of them. I've also played games where it wasn't though. But the gold sellers are so bad on here already, I can assure you it would be horrible. I don't intend to spend money on the game. But I understand the reasoning. And I ever do decide to spend money on the game and use the mail feature, I know I wouldn't want it open to gold sellers. This topic just comes off as really whiny and I think it's the reason so many paying players have so little respect for the free playe
  5. Fix your damn computer. The launcher has worked 100% perfectly for me every time.
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