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  1. ...then why won't you remove the *cricket* aoe one shot weapons on said map? Do you think it's nice for your players to waste 30 mins of their lives with horrible stutters and fps drops while being forced to give said hackers perma stealth with ctrl+f because let's be real that's the only way you can even dps on SSP with most pcs, and then after 30 mins a random hacker decides to teleport behind you where you can't even see him and insta kill you, making the last 30 mins of your life wasted? If that doesn't take away the will to even login again i dunno what does. PLZ take the guns away until you find a way to fix this situation.
  2. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    You guys don't get it, GG is here to block US from playing, NCSOFT prefers the bots, that's why every single region of bns is full of them, bots are better costumers than us, they don't *cricket* about game issues after all.
  3. SERIOUSLY, faction.

    In my server we cereals are so few that we haven't done ONE READ O.N.E single mining phase since last Sunday, meanwhile crimsons afk farm all day long, much balance such wow, i guess balancing ssp is hard and requires a genius...oh wait no it doesn't you just need to make the mobs scale upwards when the same faction wins consecutively and scale downwards to the other faction, to the point one side cant do it with 50 gear, forcing ppl to change factions and balancing the game, my god it only took me like 3 secs to think of that, i must be some kinda of alien hybrid genius or something...seriously ncsoft how hard is this.
  4. I can't install the game again?

    I uninstalled the game today so i could install the game on a new driver, i download the installer and tried to install it, but every time i use the installer to install the game the installer creates a ncsoft folder but never creates a nclauncher for some reason?? The shortcut the installer creates then says it cant find the launcher and the client on the ncsoft folder tells me to start the game from the launcher? I tried to search for nclauncher.exe on my drive and found nothing, there was a nclauncher uninstaller on my task manager and i uninstalled it and tried to use the installer to see if it created a new one but nothing changed, the *cricket* is going on? It's like my third time installing the game and i never had a problem, why isn't your installer making a launcher for the game on my driver? Edit:I had to download the launcher and shortcut from the internet...ncsoft op man.
  5. Game Performance & Combat Optimization mode

    I really don't get it, how can melee players even play much less enjoy this two major events when almost everyone either gets almost 5fps or crashes on said events? I was playing my FM a ranged class and i could barely do anything on the exterminator since my game almost froze for the whole fight, and i was there asking myself wtf i would do if i was playing a melee class. I see koreans playing the game vs field bosses with the same amount or more ppl all attacking no problems but we on the west somehow have to deal with abysmal or straight impossible performance, because? Bots?Spammers?Cheaters? We should care about them, but when almost no one can even do the content of the game on playable FPS on an ACTION RPG that needs iframes constantly then the *cricket* are we suppose to do. At least BW stayed on the 15-20 fps, square and SS plains is pretty much unplayable for most players and when ppl can't do the content they get frustrated and leave...i had a dude on my guild that played the game regularly, he took a brake for division, came back started the game had almost 20 fps for no reason and insta quit the game, not everyone has the patient or love for this game to play below 60fps much less 30-5fps ncsoft, stop giving us content after content and selling t-shirts and just try to fix the game performance before the few that actually like the game to the point of playing with constant random DC's and abysmal performance get fed up themselves and you end up with your 1,5M bots.
  6. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    Not in the mood of losing my acc for changing the files, only to have decent voice acting.
  7. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    Things i miss for playing on mute...but oh well until ncsoft admits they failed on the english dub and give us the KR/JP voices i will continue to do so.
  8. New 50 lvl big update

    This is a move from NCSOFT so that ppl buy ncoins with money to buy mats and shit to get to pirate, pretty obvious.Kinda sad they decided to screw the few players that still stick around with bots everywhere and framerates that make no sense all day. *shrugs*
  9. silverfrost in 2 days guys... Ncsoft rushing..

    I only needed like 3-4 days to get true pirate..., i'm already awaken pirate, what a douchey way of doing things NCSOFT you know ppl need to have true pirate to gain the most benefits so you do this move just to have ppl buying mats and shit with irl money, guess what, i ain't giving you none either way. PS:Fix your game instead of screwing the few ppl that are still here.
  10. ...guess what? 1/4 of the loading times, game on max settings with tons of other programs on the background while using a dual monitor, no lags no freezes no crashes on the *cricket*ing loadings, this from an unofficial server with a very old version of the Chinese servers, seriously NCWest how sad is this? Plz tell me again how the loading times and crashes are my fault. I don't care about bots since i have played MMO's enough to know they aren't going anywhere, but when i have a worse performance and loading times that make me turn my psp on so i don't die of boredom on your servers only, and then you come and start saying it's our pc's somehow even though ppl play in TW/KR/CH/RUS with 0 problems and barely any loadings, i mean seriously how can a bunch of randoms dudes with a pirated server do a better job than you guys?!!? I crashed at least 5 times yesterday while leveling my WL, every time i try to leave or enter yehara the game crashes, even if i stay at the exit for ages waiting for your crappy servers to move, i love this game but my patience grows thin with the constant bs loadings/crashes and completely random performance, some days i can play with the game on max no prob other days i need to have the game on low and even then it does pretty much nothing, how many players do we need to lose before you guys stop talking about t-shirts and actually fixing the bugs/performance that are ruining the game. And lets not even go into core problems that for some reason the KR devs and bloodlust never fixed like huge *cricket* dungeons that have 0 teleports, abusive looting etc. This is a community based game, the more time you take to fix stuff that shouldn't be like this since it's not like this on other servers the more ppl will leave, and this game will not function without a good amount of player on each server. PLZ SAVE THIS GAME.
  11. The end is near This is my story of BnS

    Moonwater stones are worth it where? You barely make a profit for something that takes 24 *cricket*ing hours to make, just do the math of the mats.
  12. Pick ranged class, put the camera on top of you, get used to the timing when the ground turns red=profit.
  13. RNG... Share the pain !

    Use another class to farm stuff like that, usually drops way faster.