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  1. WTB KFM leveling build

    you would still be learning what skills do what by using them yourself. But if you want actual guides, bladeandsouldojo has a much more knowledgeable community for character class specific stuff.
  2. WTB KFM leveling build

    Open skills menu, click the little thumbs up on the top right corner of the menu, and select one of three recommended builds they give you. Click this every time you level up. Takes the thought out of leveling your first character and it will automatically allocate points.
  3. Same here. I Haven't spent a dime. If you're not lazy, and willing to spend some time to manage your inventory, salvaging things and selling blues on the market, there realy isn't a problem. But at 33 If youve already upgraded your weapon there isnt really much you need to spend your money on. Maybe dumplings? Because you can farm soul shields easily by repeating instances over and over.
  4. Youtube Monetization

    Thats strange. People like angry joe and pewdiepie would not make a living off of youtube gaming videos if this were the case with everyone else. How are people still saying you're in the wrong when an nc soft mod said it was ok?
  5. I hate starting new goal until Ive accomplished my first goal. So I never switch characters until Ive done everything I want with the first
  6. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Well they have humanoid breasts, implying that they give birth. Perhaps they interbreed with other races, but upon giving birth only the females are considered ''Yun'' officially?
  7. Mabi has gold sellers just like any other MMO tho, so it must not be doign much. It really sucks. I'm realizing gold sellers / bots are an unfortunate part of MMOs that will never go away : / . My favorite gaming genre is forever tainted.. perhaps I should stick to single player rpgs.
  8. Right, but people with high end rigs should not have to lower their settings. People with i7 processors should not be getting below 10 fps ever. I am not talking about simple fps drops here. I am talking about the game dropping to below 10 fps, and freezing with high end rigs. This isn't an issue lowering the settings will fix
  9. I keep hearing of players ( most of them with high end rigs) having fps issues and problems where the game freezes. I'm just curious if any of you have tried the other BnS versions in the past, and if so, was the fps better there? Perhaps we can pinpoint the problem if it is specific to this version.
  10. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    See, something like this I think is beautiful. I wish more outfits were as elegant as this. I personally think alot of the outfits that show alot of skin just end up looking silly. If it was not for the awesome gameplay in BnS, I would not be here. The almost naked character designs end up just looking silly lol. I guess that is anime culture for you.
  11. Things that would make me leave this game...

    Why are you complaining if you dont even have all your skills yet? Nobobdy pre 45 should complain about classes being OP.
  12. There is atleast one thread for every single class, stating that it is the one OP class in the game. But they all contradict each other .... lol. Either every class is OP, or people just dont know how to play yet.
  13. Things that would make me leave this game...

    You sincerely think Blademaster is underpowered? I cant even...
  14. FPS Issues

    I wish the frame rates were consistent is all I ask for. Im fine with 20~30 fps. as long as its consistent. When I first started, I was like ''Sweet.. a constant 30~45 fps perfect''. Now every time I enter combat, or 2 or more are fighting around me it goes from 55~60 fps down to 10, sometimes even below 10 fps as it just freezes. Maybe the starter zones are better optimized than the higher level ones?
  15. Help needed checking my PC setting

    This game has weird optimization. Random lag spikes all the time