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  1. Red Rider Outfit Females Only...

    AFAIK there's no canon genderbend version of little red riding hood, which explains why there's no male version of the outfit. The only male characters in that story are the hunter and the pedowolf.
  2. You know you could have bought this + 4 other outfits for only 2k a while back. Be glad they're giving you another chance at this...
  3. my character

    Isn't the first outfit White Angel? They had it for sale?
  4. today's special outfit

    What it be trove and RNG box outfits!
  5. This is why you always buy from trusted whales... Don't you have any friends/clan members who can vouch for someone?
  6. Character Creator is too limited

    My jin and lyns are looking fine tyvm.
  7. so regretful to buy phoenix bundle

    You are really paying for the unique emote. I doubt your other 3 costumes can /rise ;)
  8. OMG so true! One dress is like the cost of a week's groceries lol.
  9. Honorary Ornaments

    You buy/sell them if you want to play the market. I had 200 of these hoarded in my vault. If I sold them before trove when they were 18+g each (and bought them afterwards when they dropped to 7-g), I would be a dolphin (or at least a trout) by now.
  10. It was in the stream so I would hope so.
  11. 4000 NCoins for lvl50 voucher

    Why are you guys forgetting the 5 brilliant venture tokens they give out? If you have high premium rank, that's basically another 2k HMC they give you for free! Or at least 1k if you're f2p. So it's technically only 2k NC for the lv 50 voucher. So it's basically 50 levels for a little more than the price of an F10 outfit set!
  12. 1) agreed 2) blame the players, not the game. SOMEBODY has to help me get my costumes in zawei ruins. ;)
  13. venture tokens

    You can't compare prices between different regions/publishers.
  14. Well, people learn better by actually doing it... You can watch all the videos/guides you want but you won't learn/remember without actually experiencing it... Isn't it more exciting to go in blind than watching a guide? That's how all the different mechanics were discovered. ;)
  15. Effective gold farm for 600+?

    They would if they're looking for sb/invis and you know mechs and are a sum/wl.
  16. going absolutely no where

    700+ max gear?
  17. The Trove is a lie, there is no trove

    Well, some people spent more each nigh in Las Vegas... $800 isn't that bad if you put it in perspective.
  18. Middle Eastern Server ? Pls ?

    Isn't there a risk of getting airstriked if they put one there? :s
  19. Midnight Skypetal Plains

    your gpu is dying/overheating?
  20. Server Freeze and DC

    My ping went up to 3k-4k during wwv just now before I crashed and couldn't log in. Sounds like what you just said...
  21. best classes to duo ?

    WL+SUM will allow you to easily complete most green/blue dungeons while leveling and be sure to make you accepted in most end game groups (given you have the AP).
  22. Show off your characters!!

    Those arms and legs in the third pic kind of makes her look like Eugenia Cooney (google) and that waist line looks like she grew up wearing a corset. The face is well done though.
  23. Show off your characters!!

    Too bad there's no full body shots... Show off those anorexic rickety noodle legs!
  24. Nerf P2W by making it more expensive

    Well, there's really no difference between grinding in game vs grinding irl other than efficiency. Some people spend hours in ssp while others do farm dungeons to get gold. If someone decides to "farm" their job for gold, how is that worst than farming dungeons for gold? It's all about efficiency in gold farming. If I make $100/h, why should I be farming Tomb/Ebondrake for gold when I can get more gold via another method? It's the same reason people don't farm 24m-poh anymore (like back in moonwater days) since there are much better ways to earn gold. Hating on someone who buys gold via CE with their own money is like hating someone who chooses to do SSP/dungeons/F5 for gold rather than do 24m-poh. How stupid is that?
  25. Give us midnight Skypetal Plains already

    Looks like they are releasing this after jonjon leaves :P