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  1. Have your ping 2-24 as a daily basis. Live about 150km from the server location. Play Blade and Soul. Sorry you can't! You suddenly have 300-500ms and getting disconnected every minute without even antivirus turned on! What the actual fuuck is going on can somebody explain to me? But wait! Support can help me! "What can I do to improve my connection i have high latency and frequent disconnections while still having such conditions ...?" "Hello send us Hijackthis.txt" >moment later "And?" "Sorry Its says that your Java is outdated we can't help" "But it's not even related to connection!" "Hello there, to see what's wrong send us Hijackthis.txt" *FACE PALM Seriously, I feel lost and left alone with my problem right now :/
  2. Legendary Stage 6 from act 8!

    It is said that on asian servers you are rewarded with baleful/seraph stage 6 by completing the act 8. I've also heard that it will be brought to us in June. I feel that upgrading Ivory to legendary may be a waste of money. What do you think? Should I wait for the update or upgrade my wep anyway? I'm confused :/
  3. Frost build op?

    Accidentially I switched my build to the frost one, then made up my mimd and gave it a try. I was able to outdps other fm's in the party who were using a flame build and now I'm wondering if it's really that good. I don't have any badges/elemental acc's yet so, is it worth to spec for the frost build or better stick to the frost one?
  4. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos xd ( You can check out my new blog, where more of BnS connet is going to be added >> )
  5. I hav 2000 Ncoins in my pocket. How can I spend them to get some special perkz normal players can't get? How to git gut using my real money ?
  6. New Yun class revealed...

    Despite the fact she doesn't have a fimiliar, yes, it's a dps/support (more support than dps) with a "challenging" playstyle. However it's not a summoner, Valkiries are able to create things that aren't exist, making enemies to go insane :) Not exacly like summoner/warlock/or any of the class u can see :D Then imagine that it's "revealed"! Think about all of those beautiful sounds they might make, outstanding particles like blue birds/butterflies/dragons coming out of the instument! Vote now, stop to imagine, make dreams come true! xd
  7. "The Yun’s innate aesthetic skills make them some of the best artisans in all the realm. Other races look to them as the pinnacle of artistic skill and creativity, as the Yun weave beauty into everything they do." That's why only Yun have been choosen to wield the Divine Heritage - a powerful musical instrument, able to control any living creation... Valkiries (am not sure for this name), are debuff masters, using the power of sound to contol their opponent's mind. Skillset includes a lot of useful things: - Devastating curses (DoT's applying effects that weakens the opponents) - Supportive auras for allies. (for example, increased health regeneration/life drain, disspell, shield etc.) - Abilities with delayed cc's (for example, sound, that paralyzes the opponent after 3 seconds) - Illusions (for example making a targetable water clone that taunts the nearest enemies and explodes after taking an amount of damage, or creating 5 clones of yourself to mislead your pvp opponenet) - Creating closed-spaces (cages, walls, etc.) to protect anybody from incoming damage, or to restrain your foes. Where are the drawbacks? Valkiries need to plan every single melody that comes out of their precious flute. Some skills used unproperly can bring a huge failure. But wise instrument users will create an incredible symphony, an art of destruction and life protection! I wanted to create something special and suitable for Yun race, something that there's lack of in Blade and Soul. Tell me what do you think about this concept, I hope you find it interesting :p If so, be sure i'll write an extended version. With my drawnings :o
  8. Everytime when I go to dungeon/city/wherever i see this super-duper-fancy loading screen with a little, orange squirrel running. And... she can't finish her fancy marathon as the best part of this game pops out on the screen. And it is.. disconected from the server! Yay~ To clarify it's (1000)(132)(10054) error. I know i'm not the only one, but.. is there anybody in this world who has discovered a method to stop this? This sh(ee)t is literally make me go insane!