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  1. Kung Fu Masters a little too good? Nerf?

    Just like the forums are full of whiny *cricket*s like you ;)
  2. Start leveling your Summoner!!!

    You are going to be SO disappointed pretty soon ;)
  3. NCsoft fails to deliver again

    Meanwhile I don't expect you to understand that things take time and we are already on a very rapid release schedule. So shut your mouth and just wait for a bit, don't be such a entitled *cricket* while proclaiming things like NCSoft failing to deliver.
  4. NCsoft fails to deliver again

    You are stupid, we are on korean balance right now. However without level 50 it just doesn't work well. Also I'm guessing you whined about every class except the one you play?
  5. Summoners need a new skill, this is what I propose

    You are very welcome!
  6. Summoners need a new skill, this is what I propose

    It would be great, they just run around with like a leaf shaped as a cup collecting the rain of tears until fully charged. Then they drink the tears and become even more powerful.
  7. I think they should have a water based skill that charges based on how much the enemy is crying, this would promote people to not cry all day and give summoners a cool new ability.
  8. Permanently Deleting Arena Quests

    Well you can throw it out the window IMO
  9. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    When your premium ends your outfits remain in the wardrobe and you can still take them out just not put anymore in. So they are not deleted or anything like that.
  10. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    Now no one gets wardrobe!
  11. Prove to me that summoner isn't broken

    I am personally just waiting for warlock to really faceroll people, the summoner stigma and calling people who play lyn pedophiles is getting a bit old. Get some new material please or just shut the *cricket* up.
  12. That is more other players being garbage than summoner being godly.
  13. Except arena equalizes all stats... :/
  14. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    Inv and bank space isn't behind a pay wall, you can get dragon pouches :/ Sure it will take longer than just paying for them but something being behind a paywall means you cannot access it unless you pay.
  15. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    Wardrobe is a luxury feature/perk.. It is a EXTRA thing to give people incentive to get premium. It isn't a required feature for playing the game, it isn't like they blocked off friends list or limited non-premium clans to only rank 5 max.