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  1. When your premium ends your outfits remain in the wardrobe and you can still take them out just not put anymore in. So they are not deleted or anything like that.
  2. Inv and bank space isn't behind a pay wall, you can get dragon pouches :/ Sure it will take longer than just paying for them but something being behind a paywall means you cannot access it unless you pay.
  3. Wardrobe is a luxury feature/perk.. It is a EXTRA thing to give people incentive to get premium. It isn't a required feature for playing the game, it isn't like they blocked off friends list or limited non-premium clans to only rank 5 max.
  4. You have a voice, but all you are using it for is "gimme gimme gimme".
  5. Then obviously you don't need that one feature too badly since you aren't willing to pay to have it. /thread
  6. No see, speaking with your wallet would be saying you won't get premium until "X" is included as a premium feature. Or you don't approve of "X" so you refuse to buy the game.. F2P you don't really have the "speaking with my wallet" argument.
  7. They have what you want, which is the wardrobe... However you refuse to give them money to get the wardrobe and demand it for free... I don't think you understand what "speaking with my wallet" means.
  8. Do you feel like you are better than people who have actually helped this game flourish with money so that your freeloading ass can sit and play?
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