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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    18 min left of my Hideman...well guess I'll try again after 1 hour or so...
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    Well for me it wouldn't be such a drag if I didn't have a VPN connection named Hideman, cuz I'm not home my internet connection is public and with proxy so it doesn't work to play online unless I use VPN. And I just activated 1 hour for NOTHING!!!
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    hey not fair no spoilers man... also how long will it take to bring servers back up?
  4. My queue # actually got increased over time....

    Guys sorry for off topic but what do you mean by queue?? When I'm logging in it either connects or it disconnects as soon as I typed the pin code...
  5. Servers down !?

    Why isn't there a server status? That would really be useful... and I guess when the sun goes down, so does the servers...