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  1. Sup everyone so i'm coming back to play BnS since WoW is a bit boring right now and I'm thinking of leveling a GS. My only question is, do we have a choice of either duel wielding guns or choosing a rifle. I see in the pictures that the GS class can use either? Is this correct? ty

  2. 1 hour ago, Squirrelzzzzz said:

    Same could be said about dungeon videos...... But those are like a prerequisite for even doing a dungeon first time in this game.


    Also the game doesn't tell you where to get certain things if you just look on your achievements.


    thanks OP for taking the time to make these videos. They will definitely help someone out and are appreciated. :D

    Thank you. Just want to contribute to the BnS community, whatever is left of it. :)

  3. 2 hours ago, Hinotama000 said:

    As about as helpful as this video probably is, the game itself already explains how to get the skills. Your videos are helpful, but I'm sure people catch on fast enough to either not need to watch the video or use your videos as a reminder.

    Thank you for the feedback, Hinotama000. You are right, but my videos are mostly made for new players who are curious or want to know more about these kinds of things. I remember when I started blade and soul, I tried to find out more info about these hongmoon secret techniques and could never find any info except from the asian websites.

  4. 1 minute ago, LadyMidday said:

    lol at ppl who say wow is dead. Yeah the most played mmo is dead alright. *rolls eyes*


    Both these games are fun, and i still play both. Come at me with your hate!

    Meh. To each his own I guess. WoW is dead in the sense that their is no content for remainder of WoD. That's a pretty long ass time man.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Darkvulpine said:

    I don't know about "True MMO"  Many will argue Everquest was the first "true MMO"  and even before that, Ultima Online, and a several other games or even MUCKs from like the 80s or 70s I think.

    I don't like Raiding content, instanced, while useful, I much prefer an open world.  Where the true MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER part is.  Instanced content segregates the Massive part, and leaves it simply as a Multiplayer RPG.


    I don't like Battlegrounds or Arenas either, but I love PvP, but I'm not a fan of ganking.  If a player is out doing quests for the faction, okay, free game, though preferably of similar level, but that's the beauty of BnS, is that you can just do PvP quests, or skip them all together, and not deal with getting ganked.


    WoW was good, it was revolutionary, yea, but as years went by, they kept taking away the "Massively" part of MMORPG, Multiplayer Online RPG with a lobby (cities/garrison)

    To me ganking isn't pvp. I consider that griefing and I absolutely despise people who do that.

  6. Just now, Precipice said:

    Same here. I let my time go because there will be nothing new until the expansion pre-patch. Don't get me wrong I love WoW and I will be returning once that patch hits.

    I can honestly say, I don't know if i'll be returning to WoW any time soon. I've tried a lot of MMOs over the years and B&S is the first mmo that i've played that actually nailed it for me. Don't know what else to say. It's just a blast to play B&S lol.

  7. 37 minutes ago, Precipice said:

    I've been on WoW for about 10.5 years now and I've seen the highs and lows of the game. Watched as the buffed classes that were OP and already buffed and nerfed classes that needed buff. I don't quite know their logic on that, but it's dumb. Anyway, I saw an ad on Facebook about how this game released on January 19th and decided to give it a try, I mean what did I have to lose I was already letting my WoW time expire because the is ZERO to do in WoD. And to be honest this game is a nice breath of fresh air. The play style is way more complex and the classes all seem to be balanced (apart from Destroyers being spin2win and Summoners just running whole time while their pet and spells beat you to death lol)


    Who else came here from WoW and what do you think of this game compared to current WoW?

    I came here from WoW and I can honestly say that i'm having a blast with B&S. Everything from the character customization, to the combat system to the detail in the environments. I'm honestly glad B&S came when it did because as of right now, WoW is pretty much dead. No new content until legion. Since I started playing B&S i haven't logged in to play WoW once. 

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