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  1. Sup everyone so i'm coming back to play BnS since WoW is a bit boring right now and I'm thinking of leveling a GS. My only question is, do we have a choice of either duel wielding guns or choosing a rifle. I see in the pictures that the GS class can use either? Is this correct? ty
  2. ChanChan, the only time I spent money on this game is when it first came out and I spent most of my money on inventory slots, xp soups and like costumes. So like $30+ dollars total. Yup I'm a wallet warrior :D
  3. haha! DomiSotto, that's not a bad idea. I wonder how many pages it would take to write / type everything out lol.
  4. Thank you. Just want to contribute to the BnS community, whatever is left of it. :)
  5. Thank you for the feedback, Hinotama000. You are right, but my videos are mostly made for new players who are curious or want to know more about these kinds of things. I remember when I started blade and soul, I tried to find out more info about these hongmoon secret techniques and could never find any info except from the asian websites.
  6. What's up everyone. I decided to make an in depth video on how to unlock all the hongmoon skills / secret techniques in the game. It's kind of a long video but if you want to know how to do it this should show you how. Let me know if you got any questions.
  7. Meh. To each his own I guess. WoW is dead in the sense that their is no content for remainder of WoD. That's a pretty long ass time man.
  8. To me ganking isn't pvp. I consider that griefing and I absolutely despise people who do that.
  9. I can honestly say, I don't know if i'll be returning to WoW any time soon. I've tried a lot of MMOs over the years and B&S is the first mmo that i've played that actually nailed it for me. Don't know what else to say. It's just a blast to play B&S lol.
  10. I came here from WoW and I can honestly say that i'm having a blast with B&S. Everything from the character customization, to the combat system to the detail in the environments. I'm honestly glad B&S came when it did because as of right now, WoW is pretty much dead. No new content until legion. Since I started playing B&S i haven't logged in to play WoW once.
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