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  1. @Hime Did not receive my gold, only outfits, support is refusing to do anything (ticket 23605530) because "the issue is resolved" This also doesn't compensate the 1000+ soulstones that I lost through the transmutations too..
  2. not even sure where you were going with this. You can earn a bare minimum of 100g a day by doing dailies. If you sell the tradables earned from those daily runs or get a lucky drop or two and the bids go right, that can be bumped up to like 500g. There's plenty of gold, regardless if scammy event or not.
  3. Selling Master Scorpio Illusion Lynblade and Axe (click to view models). Angler's Watch server (unsure of which group I'm in to be honest), offer fairly and we may make a deal.
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