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  1. Another whale exclusive event only

    Why do you talk like you work in bns but you are just a fanboy?
  2. Another whale exclusive event only

    So what do you expected from a game that is only for whales and is only alive cause of whales xD They give whales the drug they need.
  3. event

    aaahh here we go again...
  4. This game was good in the release days, you could use green weapons to upgrade your weapon.. and green and blue jewels to upgrade accesories... 24 man raids where you could do whatever boss you want whenever you want... world pvp with 2 factions... world boss with black wrymm aka crash as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ war lol... Was funny.. Now is, purple train afk farm rmb.
  5. I think there are guys so addicted to this game that they cannot even think clear lol
  6. Okay listen here sunshine...

    Dude you are the official fanboy of blade and soul hahaha congrats. Come up here to get the prize! lol
  7. blade and soul is like those mobile games, p2w as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ lol.
  8. Returning to the game

    Bns has nothing to offer to new players. You will get stuck in a dungeon train for like 10 months till you can go to throught the last content of the game.
  9. Pass 1am is hardly anyone actually playing the game, maybe 200 people or so... In the first days of the event was good, today you cant even do dailies xD
  10. Big disappointment

    Getting moonstones by runing dungeons sure bro xD and soulstones too lol maybe 3 o 4 a day. You will need 50 for just a single upgrade of aransu 3 to 4 for example... xD Or farm 16x30 golds whatever you prefer lol.
  11. My first whale experience

    Swipe and soul.
  12. My first whale experience

    I dont get why you all call rng with is probability system. Rng is when there is no probability estimation. Proability is matcheable. Rng is not. If somethins is RNg you have the same chances to get it 100 times straight. Or 0 times straight. But bns does not work like that. You have 80% chances of getting something 0 times, and you have 20% chances of getting something 100 times. Thats not RNG, is probabaility rigged for something concrete. I hate when dumb people say "meh is rng" lol.
  13. This game needs to be shut down

    Thats why blade and soul is the worst in terms of benefits of whole ncsoft platforms. Keep encouraging people to leave the game haha, you are so dumb...
  14. good old days... profane axe etc...