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  1. Crashed 3 times. Lag like crazy... Are you going to restart the damn server or what? You killed our server. And there were issues on jinsoyun server even before the patch because it went down with suddenly maint during the week. Are you going to fix it or not? It really pisses off. Every maint and every new patch it's always the same.
  2. At this point.... If the drop rate is so low I'd just suggest you to add % drop rate for evolved stones also from Daily Challange Reward chests we get from daily challange, from Treasure pouches that give us moonstones, sacred crystals and other things, from Lucent Promises Treasure Chests, from Hidden Promises Treasure Chests and from Dawn of Khanda Vihar chests too. Consider my suggestion pls, I think it's not too bad.
  3. Yeah mee too I have the same issue.... Mail received but no code to redeem when I go to my managment account.... :/ Just so bad :/
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