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  1. 3 hours ago, Glase said:

    Im currently using tunneling programs, to connect to such as Steam and play other games via school network. However Tunneling doesnt seem to work with BS.

    Does anyone know if its possible to play BS using school network or not? 

    Please dont start "u should be studying at scul instead!!!"

    I have 3-4 hour breaks sometimes, and i find it really boring to sit and do nothing, when i can spend that time ordering crafting materials, and save some time before i get home. 

    Try a Teradici PCoIP (TERA2220) card and use the client software to access it, you'll be limited to 30 FPS on the client side but its a far better alternative than teamviewer provided you have at least ~10 mbps of internet upload bandwidth. On a gigabit LAN it works the best but can work pretty well over the internet. 


    My house has too little upload bandwidth (5mbps) but it would work great if I just had double.... idiot ISP giving me 108 down and 5 up... what a joke. 

  2. Recommending an AMD chip at this present moment is essentially like recommending a smog era V8 over a Modern Turbo i4. 


    It just doesn't make sense , They give less power even when overclocked and consume FAR more power than the Intel equivalent. 


    AMD cpus are cheap because they are inefficient low IPC power hogs. Literally, this is the reason they are priced so low. You even have to make sure the motherboard has enough VRMs(essentially wattage capacity) to handle a behemoth like a 9590 its crazy. Once you start overclocking it... well... stock TDP goes out the window.  The 220w TDP is too high for most boards and as such youll be spending a pretty penny just getting a compatible motherboard. While a $50 B85 mobo will support a haswell i7!  You could buy an i7-4790 and motherboard for the same money as an FX-9590 + mobo..... LOL


    I mean if you are wanting to actually heat up a bedroom(It WILL do this) an AMD cpu might be for you. 


    Im all for competition between Intel and AMD but I am a realist and a $200 i5 is a better value every time. I got an i5-4590 for $125 at Jet.com after discounts and Amex offer and its a much better value than any AMD crap including a space heater $240 FX 9590. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Miti said:

    Do not use 3rd party software. He actually did!

    So the reason he got banned for is absoluetly valid.


    You can't really distinguish if it's just a simple simulation of a key or repetable key-presses or even whole combos.

    It's technically always a macro.


    If u want to bind your keys on other keys/mouse you can do this via in-game options.


    And if you don't use the in-game options but 3rd party software you violate the rules of NCSoft knowingly.

    I think that's a good reason to be banned for.


    No, its not a good reason you dunce. 


    Its freaking logitech software not cheating software or even VPN client software.... 


    This game is cancer if it truly banned him for Logitech gaming software.... We ALL have some form of third party software installed. 


    So when you get banned for having an internet browser open we will just chalk to up to "its a good reason to be banned for". 



  4. 6 minutes ago, DabMarley said:

    I have to say I can totally see being banned for setting up a marco combo from one key. That's clearly not how this game was meant to be played and provides huge potential advantages in game. 

    I cant, macro keyboard and mouses have been around for a very long time. And no other MMO ive played has had an issue with it. Buttons are still being pressed as they normally would be its just that the mouse handles it. I can do the same combo just as fast as the mouse, it just makes it easier for the user. 


    If this game is actively banning for macro use it will loose a good many players and I bet those that use macros put more money in than the average player does. 


    Looks like someone else got banned and it may be due to VPN use. Maybe OP was using a VPN. 

  5. 28 minutes ago, Graystone said:

    Can't say I believe you. It doesn't say that they banned you for what they are claiming they banned you for.


    GL though if you're not a botter.

    Yes it does... They claim he used 3rd party software to automate certain functions.... Logitech Gaming software IS third party. 


    He assigned certain combos to his mouse buttons im assuming, again, not sure how they differentiate this from real "hacking" but assigning macros to keys/buttons has never been a bannable offense in any game ive played.  


    This is worrisome since I have a keyboard and mouse with macro buttons, so now ill hold off till I can tell whats going on. Honestly, even if the devs considered this "hacking" they  have much bigger issues that this at the current moment with REAL botters/gold spammers/sellers.  


    The only way I see it feasible that OP got banned is through complete unattended automation (botting/farming) with his Logitech software if thats even possible.  If he had a character continually farming an area fully automated I could see a ban coming his way, this is also why you shouldnt attempt such things on your main account. You should also use a VPN if you choose to do this. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, NeoshyScarlet said:






    on games is ONLY 5~6 frames diferençe


    Are you literally autistic? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT GAMES THAT FAVOR SINGLE CORE PERFORMANCE. For example Blade and Soul....


    Holy shlt you're daft! Those games you linked are highly multi-threaded. This is why I think you are an idiot. 


    You clearly dont understand what IPC is or what multi-threading is. Im done talking to you. Again, I have to keep telling myself how tech illiterate MMORPG players are. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, NeoshyScarlet said:

    i'm actualy an intel user ( i7 6700k )


    but i have two more Desktops, Intel i5 4690 and other with an AMD build ( fx8350) only diferençe on game ( Not optimized for a brand) the lost of frames are minimal i can assure u




    Well no one believes you now since you've showed us you dont know anything about CPU's. Kind of hard to take someones word when they say outrageous things.


    Regardless, in a game that favors single core performance a smart man chooses the CPU with the best single core IPC. 

  8. Just now, NeoshyScarlet said:

    i have bouth in game they are same level maybe 5 frames diference -.- we don t care about usefull scores we want to know frame rates games performance


    I highly doubt that, and from user reports it seems that isn't the case. Its a proven fact AMD is garbage. Best to jump ship immediately. 


    "We dont care about useful scores" Heh, you sound just like some liberal idiot faced with hard facts. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, NeoshyScarlet said:

    that is ( K VERSION ) i said non K version on Online Bechmarks u see is all overclocked


    and i said 8350, not 8310  -.-



    The i5 was a K version but wasnt overclocked..... You have to manually do that idiot.


    OP has an 8310 BUT if you still want to be autistic: 


    i5 4690 NON K VERSION: 3527

    FX 8350 : 2193 


    Both at stock clocks....  This isnt something that can be argued its a hard fact that AMD cpus suffer from dismal IPC and in a game like this IT MATTERS. Im not against AMD but I am a realist. 


  10. 25 minutes ago, NeoshyScarlet said:

    that AMD FX 8350  is powerfull like 5º Generation intel, is at same level  i5 4690  in games, problem is not the CPU maybe the CUT's from MotherBoard, and the bad game optimization




    No you autist, its not... first of all OP has an 8310. 


    Haswell i5's have MUCH higher IPC. If an i5 was at 3.4 GHz and the FX was at 3.4 youd see pretty big disparity between the two UNLESS the application is highly multi-threaded. 


    But in our case, this game(BnS) is not (highly multi threaded) and favors strong single core performance.  AMD is at a disadvantage here. 


    GeekBench 3 (Single core, both at stock clocks) :


    i5 4690 = 3649

    FX 8310 = 2240


    The i5 has a 62% advantage! Go ahead, tell me these CPU's are "equal" hahahaha 

  11. Well, you bought an AMD cpu... not that it wont be powerful enough but you may need to overclock it since the game seems to like only one or two cores. AMD single core IPC is dismal. 


    That 970 should be fine for the game @ 1080p or even 1440p. You need to check your running processes in task manager when the game is started up and see what is going on. 

  12. 1. The blocking of an entire countries IP addresses(especially china and Russia lol....) will never happen. Unless maybe its North Korea even then thats a joke. 

    2. They cannot block all VPN's and the service is quite cheap. I got a year of PIA for $29.99 which I could use on 5 devices. 


    In short, they will never be able to block spammers unless they introduce some chat filter based on level or something else.  

  13. 6 minutes ago, Pendragonn said:

    Try this site out it checks your system and then tells you, if u can run it at min or rec conditions.




    Meh, that site is more of a rough guide I dont know any tech literate person that uses it at all. 


    OP, your system meets minimum requirements(just barely) based on your CPU and GPU power. id update drivers first thing though.

  14. 24 minutes ago, Xingy said:

    Can someone answer my question, pls :((

    Your computer is quite low end, the CPU is especially weak. But, considering the game is based on the unreal engine and DX9 you should be able to play it fluently at 720p. 


    You might check RAM usage right after you start the game and see whats going on. 

  15. 3 hours ago, Corpius said:


    People hate Alienware not because they are "too poor" to afford them lol.  I don't see people hating Ferrari's or Lambos, because 99.9% of the population can't afford them.  They hate them because you're literally paying a premium just to have a brand name attached to your product.  Why would anyone buy a 3K PC when they can buy a 1.5K one that has THE EXACT SAME SPECS?  It's the same reason why Macs are so expensive for the crap hardware they have.  If you have that money to spend, more power to you.  It is your money, after all.  It's just not great business acumen.


    What I was suggesting was that brands like Alienware try and appeal to the lowest common denominator in the PC world.  They rely on advertising and inexperienced buyers (i.e. young teenagers or console users) to make sales.  People who know PCs know it's always better to either 1) make their own or 2) do their research on different brands if they really want a pre-built.  There are tons of laptop companies out there that have superior quality and hardware for half the price of an Alienware.  I have a Sager right now, and there are tons of others like Eurocom that are very customizable.  These all perform the same, the only difference between them and the Alienware are that they don't have the name "Alienware" attached to them and that they cost half the price.


    Alienware is not a bad brand so long as you dont pay full price. I fully believe they pander to tech illiterate children but some stellar deals can be had on Dell Outlet. 


    I got a 17 R3 with skylake 6820hk, 16 gb ram, 4k IGZO screen, 256 gb PCI-express SSD, 1 tb 7200 RPM drive and GTX 980m for ~$842 after coupon. They send these coupons out monthly or so. 


    Dont ever ever ever pay full price for any Dell/Alienware machine you can almost always get it at least half off in the dell outlet. 

  16. 32 minutes ago, Fairchild said:

    Nub it was discussed everywhere on tomshardware and probably anywhere else, and I don't even specifically saying the problem is towards this game. 3gb is what most high end games is using today, 3.5 is hardly reachable at 1080p but you were talking about 1440p nub. At 1440p any top graphic games can easily passed 3gb usage and 4gb isn't much of a gap in average 3.5gb is what average games can easily passed. Did I say - easily? Which is why SLI was needed in the first place to distribute the burden or just any card beyond 4 gb start to perform better than 4gb. 970 vram issue? Please, that card is still best bang for buck card to purchase to the date for any games playing at 1080p and anyone would probably dumb enough to get 980 except for bragging rights, and SLI them at higher than 1440p is a no brainer.


    ps: you said in your spec is 980 and then you raise it to 980Ti. 




    So you were saying you have best rig in the world and still can't perform on this game? I feel bad for you.


    top kek.




    I never said half the things you think I said, in fact reading your post reminded me that there quite a few autist/idiots/manchildren on these kinds of forums.... 


    1. Never said or implied that I had a 980, only a 980 Ti. I simply said most games wont hit 4GB VRAM on a 980 but I do not own one. 

    2. Also NEVER said or implied that I had any issues running the game whatsoever. It runs perfectly for me maxed at 1440P. 


    Honestly, from the way you type, you dont sound like a capable human being. Its a shame.... 


    You might consider this: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005200

  17. 22 hours ago, Fairchild said:

    Single 980 is only 4GB. Anything over 1080p requires more than 3.5gb, and even newer games you can hardly find any of them fully optimized over that, let alone a 2012 game. If anything, you just need to configure your rig well.

    Where the hell did you get that information? Sounds like misinfo based on GTX 970 3.5 VRAM issue.... 


    Heres the deal, any res over 1080p does NOT require more than 3.5gb VRAM.... it HIGHLY depends on the game but in general most games at 2560x1440 wont even use up the full 4gb a GTX 980 has to offer. Theres no way this game requires more than 3.5 VRAM at resolutions over 1080p.... ill take a look next time I fire it up at 1440p.


    I run games maxed at 1440P with my 980 Ti and I have yet to use more than 4 gb VRAM even though I have 6gb. Sure you can find games that use more than 3.5gb VRAM but at 1080p? Youd be hard pressed to find any...


    I am quite confidant you could max this game easily at 2560x1440 with something like a 2gb GTX 660 .