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  1. ET Raid - Freezes

    So we have another fresh raid that freezes/lags/fps drops even worse than TT. No matter PC specs, ALL 12 people are getting 1-5 SECOND lock-up's on first boss of the raid. The 1st boss also occassionally freezes it's model/animation for other people and for those people which are later inside soul seperation when they exit - boss is not even rendered anymore. What's even more funny a 9900k + RTX 2080Ti can't even get 30 AVG fps in this raid...
  2. how to pvp KFM?

    My ranking match to plat was against KFM ^_^, i struggled hard because i kept geting BD's and KFM's had HM01 and no stomp book. Got HM02 and the book. The odds of me winning is way better now, but still hard matchup, with the stomp it's def better because it gives you option to wait your cd's while blasting his ( if hes not smart enough to figure out that you are immune to cc), only thing to remember is you can still be knocked-up which means you need to iframe it with C or SS. Also 3 points in Axe sweep and T2S3 Knee are really helpful in this matchup. I also prefer to use Stun Blitz instead of Daze / Pull for longer cc chain. Thormond tips are really valuable, will keep them in mind myself when I rank up higher next season. Stopped for now to get few more hongmoon levels on my destro.