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  1. fresh gc 3 ? u can do this wiouth jsut earing and rignstage 3 i got a gc 3 myself nd i beat this turtle ? yeah i ma op warden but gc 6 isnt neccary persay gc 3 or 1 hour wep is good enough for it if you have the acces to back it up
  2. here is a list of what i want to buy fm ice earing (maybe even fire acces as well ) gunner flame/shadow earing summoner wind acces destro earth acces sin (not too sure about if i wanan go lighting or shadow on it) kfm fire acces wl ice acess bm fire acces sf ice acces i have a full set of octas and am expierenced in bt mechs leave a message if youre selling anything (i dont do entry fees in my opnion they are scams) and im not avaible during thursday late afternoon or vriday late afternoon + evening!
  3. i wanted to buy premui mfor a year today so i went to the bns page and its only showing me dollars (when ibuy nncoins i shows me euros ) and whatever i tried it dint wanna show in euros (im from the netherlands ) i dont use vpns or anythign like thaht and honestly i feel kidna scammed out of 15 euros sicne 125 dollars =110 euros right now 18-12-2017 early morning also tried chanign my valuta to dolalr and back on paypal nothing worked it only accepted 124,99 euro and since it shown nowhere it kidna feels liek a scam so pls fix this bns show us euro people euro signs and not dollars and may
  4. my orb my Foot up youre cricket!! lets be honest here a orb is jsut the entry fee its respectable to give loot to compensate the price of the orb but especting you get way beyond thaht value aint gonna happen lets not forget thaht u killed thaht boss with 6 people and u made no agreements with the people before you enterd the dugeon. if you want al lthe loot for youreself jsut solo the dugeon if you cant well then you have nothing to complain about
  5. hi guys im looking for a bt group this week im fully expierenced and still need the lightnign earing and ring i want a gold bid raid and not a dkp raid :o
  6. hi guys im a bd on widnrest group 1 and looking for a bt party for this week :3
  7. the new jewels in f10 cant be used to ugprade https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/198201320589623296/302958365812850698/unknown.png
  8. ever sicne yesterday my fps drops to below 20 in 64 bit so i switched back to 32 bit wherei have 100 + fps also im getting ms laggs where the msm is like over 800 ms + and its not my network fix it ncsoft gettign tired of this
  9. i dotn want to imagne the people who jsut bought an outfit thaht went poof #paypal refund polici
  10. my 3 resets i jsut bought with hard earned venture tokens went poof into thin air
  11. im tired of snipers cancelign the que in f8. i cant even find a dugeon there is like 50 undergeared people in there at all times looking to snipe the last boss and it should stop. i want a que in wich i can build my party .also dont go replying liek oh but you can make ure own party thaht defeats the goal here. stop queing if u intend to jsut snipe the last boss nothign in live is easy to get theres no shrotcuts on the path to hongmoon (only the pay to progress whale wallet and even thaht wont give you exp). nc soft should make a diffrent que only for snipers thaht are willign to j
  12. i triedto reinstall the game completely and now it cant even find translated searchign for NCLauncher .exe the patcher o.o issue resolved by first downloading the launcher trough downloadign aion
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