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  1. Just now, Spyroxion said:

    I just have a question, where did you waste them? I've lvl'ed 2x chars to 45 already and none had problem with unsealing charms till they capped and even now it is okish from what I get. Keys on other hand, is bigger problem.


    I was stupid at the beginning, I used them on unsealing stupid weapons..

  2. 35 minutes ago, BestWaifu said:

    Oh if youre 39 you should be getting more than my estimate if you do all dailies from first continent to where you are now.


    I do a lot of dailies and get nothing


    10 minutes ago, teliks said:

    post 30 normal (green) dungeons also has higher chance of dropping items including unseal talisman, combined with the daily quests rewards and boxes you can get some good amount. 


    I do a lot of dungeons too and I barely get

  3. On January 23, 2016 at 1:18 AM, Koops said:

    Wow, you are already level 28 after joining yesterday? I started a few day ago and I haven't had much time to play as much as I want to sadly.

    It's a shame that we aren't playing on the same server.


    I am 36 now xD switch to Anglers watch if you are still a low level. We'll play together for sure

  4. Just now, Smartly said:

    Who?  I mean who?  Who knows this?  Who?  You get a cool robe you are a newb and you put it on.  You die over and over... I bet most people don't even know how to stop the ganking after they put it on.


    Sorry to disappoint you but we do know how to stop it. Cause we're in 2016 and there's details writen on each item.