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  1. Thanks a lot guys for the BIG help :D
  2. Hello guys, so I got a destroyer and its a beauty. But I was wondering, which class you find easy and fun to play with? I am thinking of a Blade Master but I don't know if I shall go for it or not. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I thought of the KFM too. I will carry on with my Destroyer then make me a Blade Master maybe It helped thanks a lot
  4. Will do. Thanks a lot guys
  5. Yeah I know but I mean if there's something specific that is fun
  6. What classes do you find the most fun?

  7. Destroyers getting nerfed

    I don't think they're getting nerfed. Even they did, it will take a lot to make it "weak"
  8. Picking the new servers are great for the ones who doesnt like to wait. Who does anyways xD