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  1. As the title says, what is the fastest way? Please help
  2. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    And that dungeon is??
  3. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    I was stupid at the beginning, I used them on unsealing stupid weapons..
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I never got a single G....
  5. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    I do a lot of dailies and get nothing I do a lot of dungeons too and I barely get
  6. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    So I shall concentrate on the dailies for now. Im 39 now
  7. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    I dont have enough money + it isnt a great idea to just waste money everytime I need it. Cause eventually I will need it a lot
  8. Hello, I spinned the wheel over 30 times! Every chest I open I get other classes weapons. I just want a Golden Deva Axe to transform my weapon!! Frustrating.
  9. Golden Deva Axe drop rate?!

    I can tell after opening over 20 chests!
  10. So far I'm really enjoying the game.

    I am 36 now xD switch to Anglers watch if you are still a low level. We'll play together for sure
  11. help!!! need location

    If its needed from a quest it shows on the map. But if you just want to collect, I suggest you look at the game wiki
  12. So far I'm really enjoying the game.

    I am enjoying it too. Imagine I just started playing yesterday and now im a level 28 destroyer! The in-game chat is annoying, I cant even talk to people too. No matter how much I block the spammers, they still appear again. I would like to add you for sure but I play in Angler's Watch server :(
  13. How to : Basic Destroyer stun lock

    Loved it! Deals a lot of damage! Hopefully I can do this when I reach max level!
  14. I am the clan leader yet I cant send any clan invites. What are the requirements?
  15. I got a Warlock item..

    Just looted a Warlock item called "Corrupted Razor" How come? I thought there isnt a Warlock in NA/EU..
  16. Well, I currently have 4 silver and 26 bronze. I am at level 19 entering 20 soon. Are there any good methods to gain more money apart from selling in the Marketplace?
  17. Best way to increase money?

    What are these?
  18. RNG Rate, Seriously!

    Well, im looking for a blight axe to transform my weapon
  19. Long Queued = Gold Bots Everywhere

    Yeah the chat is so annoying with all those power levelers and gold sellers. You cant even have a conversation there. So I decided to just leave it on the combat tab till we get rid of this rubbish
  20. Blade And Soul - Dead in 18 months

    Sorry to disappoint you but we do know how to stop it. Cause we're in 2016 and there's details writen on each item.
  21. Blade And Soul - Dead in 18 months

    I get your point. Dont PvP until you reach 45, easy. But saying that the whole game is bad just because of one part? This is hideous! Enjoy the PvE cause im sure that im enjoying it a lot with all those main,side and dungeons!
  22. I mean apart from stats obviously. Color wise, how can I know which is heroic, legendary..etc? Bare with me guys for a bit
  23. An error has occured in your Blade_Soul client

    I am facing this problem right now and its annoying me!!