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  1. first check through the launcher if all yar game file are up-to-date, just click repair file... =_=" now download config.dat and paste it in "NCSoft\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\data", also try to keep a copy of config.dat in a safe location as every time the game is updated this will be "repaired" therefore ya will have to most probably perform this step again. Follow the formal steps, now download start_client.bat and paste it in "NCSoft\BnS\bin", copy and then paste a shortcut onto the desktop for the start_client.bat. If ya play in US just change "-region:1" which is EU to "-regio
  2. dont be too hard on yarself, this game has the overall worst optimization i have every seen in MMOs... i have never seen any game forum been so flood with issues after issues and most if not all not being address at all.. including one of the top 10 worse support team, GM team if it at all exist and localization team plus somewhat of the dev.s as all... they still havent even fixed the alt-mail problem yet... sigh~ such a good game under such a disgusting publisher... most probably, they dont even remove bots & hackers cause it will most likely cause the "population" to plummet
  3. it only work for win7 as sudako said, if ya only wanna save priority than ya can try process hacker.. it can save priority but not affinity sadly and personally i feel it make bns lag a bit, ya will most definitely notice if ya play sin or ping-based class.....=_="
  4. i, personally have been using the start_client.bat file since it was first upload in reddit.... but, if ya wanna play safe ya shouldnt but if havent thrown most of yar fortune in this game then go ahead... but either way, the ban-risk exist as the game is own by the publisher and their terms are as simple as "we do the f-u-c-k we please"..
  5. the people in NCSoft already knows about this thread and does not care as this does not help hacker/botter... but if NC wanna ban, yes, they can use this as a cause as ya are modifying the game's source file... plus, this bypass helps somewhat with stutters and fps... so yeah..=_="
  6. and remember ya will have to paste the config.dat each time ya update or repair the game...
  7. what have ya done naughty little one?
  8. rinse and repeat dungeon like the inferno or above and hope that idiots get into bid war..... but never yarself enter bid war for earning cause it might leave people salty and create enmity towards ya.. just act like ya'r help lowbies and pray to devil for stupid level bid wars... when it works, 2~3 runs might score ya a gold or so.. main reason for suggesting the above is because, a) it will take a while to start earning decent sum no matter which craft ya select.. b) ..... i forgot "b".. c) i already forgot "b", why in hell would ya expecting a "c"... sigh~ edit: now
  9. first perform this, now download start_client.bat and paste it in"NCsoft>BnS>bin" then copy and paste a shortcut onto the desktop. and WALA~ ya should be done..... hopefully..=_="
  10. got it, and yeah, in a sense i understand... i understand very well... i generally dont associate much with other groups or clans and tend to go solo on all that is possible.. so, i broke it down to only playing 2~3 hrs max no matter what... and also, i try my best to skip playing it too much like NCsoft wants us to, cause i really dont wanna feel burn out from a decent game, so i try to skip a day or two.. highest i skipped was a week... And i got some awesome web-novels to read, so whenever i feel the game is becoming a job, i finish whatever i am doing ingame, logout and read a
  11. why would you need gold on the first day....? i am guessing that by "first day" ya meant new character playthrough... i personally never needed gold till lvl. 40+... and i agree to most of the OP's pts. but all of it goes to waste where ya consider the "Dark Side" of this game... and in later parts of the game, that is a glaring abyss no matter which way ya turn yar head... it will most probably still be infront of yar eyes...
  12. hopefully, someone will reply to ya within a hour or hour-30min... that's the max. time they took to reply to my tickets... though my problem was never fixed and most probably will never be.... sigh~
  13. would suggest that ya try sending a ticket, as that might provide some faster action being taken... good luck!
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