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  1. Extremely offensive chat.

    Ok this topic turned into faction chat, lets just stop this nonsense. Mods can lock this thread.
  2. Extremely offensive chat.

    I dont mind queueing for a good game, but if that good game has a community that welcomes everyone by abuse, then its a no for me. I will start disabling faction chat (Cerulean) because its just bad. I know and understand that MMO's have random people talking in chat, but usually when that happens theres a "Report player profanity/name" option. I agree they should put the report function earlier in game. From now on I will start blocking people more often and closing the chat, sadly thats the cornerstone of MMO's. I am not mad, I am sad. EDIT: Devs should choose some players to be a GM (Game Master). To monitor in-game chat and behaviour, they could issue chat bans or timeouts. Ofcourse they would warn the player first. Many games use this concept, I have been one.
  3. Extremely offensive chat.

    I have blocked them, but some people continue it defending their religion/ethics. Theres no report option when I right click their name. I was thinking changing servers, this server is toxic :/
  4. As the title says the chat is extremely offensive and it should be monitored. Some of the character names are offensive. Is there a way to report players for abusive language/names ? The chat consists of racial slurs, suggestions to other people of suicide and abuse. I have even seen couple of threats in the chat. I play on EU server Starfall Crater.