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  1. EVENT for OBSIDIAN GEMS (not troves)

    the moment when i hit 400 run of iron for fighting 5-6k for 1 engine, (1 penta) and month after they just put the hepta obsidian in the trove..... that pissed me off , like ppl didnt even know or did Iron , but yeah got the obsidian ez .........
  2. what elysian crystal worth?

    dumb guy , leave him alone in his coner , we dont *bid* on them , everyone give them away with the /roll
  3. pet ulti rolls

    got mine first try
  4. 900+ cant do bt ? , we did our first BT with ppl around 700-850...... , first find a good clan , like my clan do 2 bt week, 2 group ,and we got alot of ppl UNDER 900 and its just fine....., if you know what to do ( mech) you should be able to run BT here a discord where you can post ur char info, for recruting/joining a BT : https://discord.gg/BYYq37d ( dont join a BT if you didn even read a guide ) because if you just want everything OP by doing a dps brainless...... ppl wont recruit you... good luck search your name here , and link it in your LFP : http://na-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/search/info
  5. Xanos Hands

    best reddit about this haha
  6. if they do another trove , like the first one they did , am sure we will get 800k xD
  7. Anyone know the name of this Costume?

    oh i found it but in kr http://bns.power.plaync.com/wiki/백일홍 http://static.plaync.co.kr/powerbook/bns/11/79/uploaded_m.jpg
  8. Anyone know the name of this Costume?

    its the aransu apprentice Oh wait its not ... i dont know then sorry xD
  9. XIGNCODE3 works or not?

    what up with WTfast lol, sound like * PPL USING WTFAST ARE CHEATER * or something ? , am using it because without it , i got 200+ms, and now iam under 100 , if you want ncsoft ban wtfast , well, you gonna make another post * is this game dead ? * soon...
  10. they are in dallas texas ? http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6340112687 tested all dallas server , and got around 35-60 ms without wtfast i got 190+ but maybe i set it in the wrong server , they are not in dallas ? and my first message was for spin2win if someone got the right location ( best one for canada) that should help me alot
  11. i am in canada playing with 120-150 ms using wtfast premium and got this internet speed : http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6340043370 so which server should i play then ? china ? oh wait i should try taiwan ............ i got under 120 ms ( 110-90) around of 1 at 3 am ( low population) and my friend is under 100ms , and he living the city next to me, at 5 hour from me , i still dont understand why i get so much ms , ( am not playing on wifi) so you can explain that ..... right ?
  12. XIGNCODE3 ?

    yup they need to remove this anticheat ..........
  13. XIGNCODE3 ?

    can i start my WTfast without getting ban lol ?
  14. 64-Bit problems so far.

    no problem here , so smooth and perfect everything before was 40-10 fps , like msp . now its just fantastic with 100-120 fps even in msp GG ncsoft