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  1. 5 Hour Downtime again

    can second this im not salty about it but i woke up, got on for about 1hr, and the servers got pulled until 8am my time....which is usually when im heading to bed lol but i got to watch a video of a scorpion in a bowl fighting a crab to dramatic music so the night wasnt a total bust
  2. summoners are OP af and thats why i love them i dont have time to play constantly to learn the ins and outs and nuances of KFM or even BMs it's nice to still be somewhat relevant with an ezmode class i can play on my time off. but i also dont care if someone beats me and i dont go around looking for pvp so my pride isnt really hurt by using an OP class at all. im not trying to be the best lol it's just nice to be able to participate.
  3. I am terrible at Kungfu Master

    play summoner fall asleep clicking win fight
  4. Lyn is best race

    i get what you mean haha yeah i dont roleplay or anything but i fall into every game i play and i really feel like i'm there. that's hard for me to do playing a child character, not impossible but it doesnt have the same feel to it
  5. Lyn is best race

    i was actually thinking more like this im not a fan of full beast races kind of for the same reason. i have issues identifying with the character.
  6. Lyn is best race

    im playing lyn right now because the summoner class is SUH-weet but, while i dont mind catgirl races or whatever, i'd rather be a grown up. i keep ending up playing classes in games that are bound to child races, like the reaper in tera. i wouldn't mind a grown up fox girl whatever thing, im not a kid irl so i kind of have problems immersing as a child race but thats just me also wtb frog-girl
  7. Show off your characters!!

    ^theres my summoner chillin out maxin relaxin all cool
  8. Fix the queue times.

    hello yes i am skyfrog and i too have a queue addiction somebody intervention fast or i might be on the character select screen to broken dreams
  9. LOok what I GOT! #HAPPY

    b careful friend a snek appears to be sneaking up on u :O
  10. i got the que que blues

    lawl every time the estimated wait goes down to 50 mins a premium joins and i get reset back to 70+ it doesnt really matter. anyone have anything fun to do while we wait?
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    well kids. im all froggered out. i need rest. ill be back later ^^till then.
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    half life 3
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    hi5 bruddah