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  1. i just came back from after a year, There is no more bots. Its more easy to make gold as well. Still pretty grind. So far im having fun.
  2. this should help... Since Maestro will be out in the World Toruney. We should have it by then.
  3. Say we reach tier 8. If i buy the box next week. We will get everything above correct?
  4. Just FYI i never ment for this topic to Bash/ or Talk shit about NCSoft, as i said i NEVER post, i just want to raise attention this is whats going on and i would like to know whats gona be done about it. Simple as that. Ive played lots of MMOS and there will ALWAYS Be bots i understand that, but i mean Bots are running this game, we arnt running them. Example other games ive played when i saw Bots i was like Lawl, time to get some free points. Here its the opposite. Oh crap a bot AFK..
  5. ` i never name called, 2 i never said hacker. i simply said look at the bots.
  6. u want proof? Well There are Plenty of videos out there, ive actually seen 2 videos today on that rank 1 Summoner sdfsgery. Its on Reddit. Second you say show me proof. Well if NCSOFT is able to people are running 3rd party software and getting banned for macros, u dont think they can figure who and who is not a bot? get real kid.
  7. I guess the part that bums me out the most, ive paid a crap load of money on this game, i know this is a f2p game, but i like all the extras and perks. I'm Rank 10 Premium Membership, i spend money on stuff i have fun with. I know they say they are working on things, but at least let us know whats going on Guys,.My hard earned money can be spend elsewhere, but i choose it to be here, and supporting this game.
  8. I Never post on Forums, like ever. This is out of control. Maybe this will get someones attention.. The top 10 players are Bots. The only diamond is a 28 summoner bot..come on man. Edit: removed names to cover my *cricket* but u can fill in the blank with randomly typed characters http://imgur.com/tWJMYco
  9. anyone having issues with premium benefits not active? randomly ill go to clear my bags and i can click on my storage tab it will be grayed out, also my Experience will say 100% instead of 130%. Ususually logging back in 2 or 3 time will fix it. Ive been grinding for the past hour or so and my dang benefits like got turned off randomly. RAwrrr
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