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  1. 9 minutes ago, Mucski said:

    Iunno, I found nothing wrong with the controls, or the story line (not that I care), I am not sure what you mean by "bad level design", I mean for an FPS sure it is, but for an MMO is just right, fire walls in dungeons may have a purpose that hasn't been told yet. But then again, not all games can be crafted for you especially. You are free to start your own company, grab Unreal Engine, and create another game that has awesome controls, awesome level design, and triple A story.

    For some classes like summoner, the controls aren't too bad, but try playing a combo-heavy class like kung fu master and your fingers are going to be tripping over each other trying to hit all the buttons. The story is just very clichè and lackluster, and there's virtually no lore in the entire game. The fire walls do serve a purpose, it's to keep people from re-entering a boss fight after dying, essentially cheesing the boss to death with infinite respawns. The problem is that you could be fighting a boss who happens to knock you back into the fire, or stun/knockdown you and you use F escape and backflip into it, ending the fight without you doing anything wrong. There has even been times where the enemy themselves are INSIDE the firewall (or shadowy area in the darkglimpse that kills you instantly) and it will kill you just for trying to approach the enemy and fight them, which is your only option if you're a melee character.

  2. 2 minutes ago, yeLLowJawn said:


    So you liked it before when it still had "horrible controls , elementary school level story writing  , bad level design" ... but now you don't . Just get out of here teen haters , only  thing I am sick in this game are you  , kids .Spaming nosense both of forums and ingame . Literally worse then the bots .

    Read it again.

  3. In my opinion, it was time to stop giving them money the day the game was released. Horrible controls, elementary school level story writing, bad level design (fire walls in boss fights). The bots were just the cherry on top of it all. Shame too, as the game looked so promising for the past few years. This is why I have a rule that I play for 3 months before allowing myself to spend money on a f2p.

  4. I don't think any mmorpg is "meant for pvp", because I haven't seen one so far that's been able to pull it off properly (and I've played many). Super Smash Bros. is meant for pvp. Dota is meant for pvp. The day an mmorpg does pvp right will be a landmark in video game history. If you take pvp in an mmo as anything more than a way to get a few laughs between friends, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

  5. 2 minutes ago, inuyatta said:

    I enjoy the visuals of the game, but the plastic skin and jello-balloon titties are so incredibly ridic, I thought I was playing Sexy Beach. I'm all for body diversity, I just wish an MMO would actually allow it--you want tig ol' biddies and legs for dayz? Awesome--but what about those of us who want to make more muscular females with an average sized chest? Or those of us wanting to make characters with bigger hips and butt? How about actual distinctive faces besides the Disney-Rapunzel/Frozen range of lady faces? This would be particularly helpful for the RP servers and the like. 

    Still, for my gripes with the customization--or lack thereof, I'm actually talking more about this problem that spans way outside of just this game. That said, the gorgeous maps and backgrounds help make up for it. 

    Yes! I would love to see a muscle tone slider for the girls. I had to turn the arm thickness slider all the way up just to make them look human.

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