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  1. 7 minutes ago, AionCheesecake said:

    It's like the MM part of MMORPG hasn't sank in for you or something. :/ It's a Korean NCsoft MMORPG. They're not made to grind your gear solo in any reasonable stretch of time (if you don't have leet skillz). I'm a largely solo player, I hate PuG'ing, I'm not the most skilled FM, but I still use F8 and do dungeons (I love the Shrieking Caverns; I'm probably the only person in this game who does).

    Yes, you're probably way better off quitting the game. It's not your style of game, and you'll likely be happier somewhere else.

    You are most likely very correct about this game not being for me. However, as stated in my other posts, I don't think the MM is a bad thing. It's the way it's presented. The community in an mmo is supposed to be a feature, not a requirement.

  2. 3 minutes ago, RiddleTrickster said:

    He explains himself quite clearly which is understandable. Some people like to play a certian way that that's fine. One thing to note is that this game does limit players for some odd reason and everyone knows that. We shouldn't need to rely on parties to clear or go through game content. One example, at the moment I am just standing like an idiot hoping more players come to kill pinchy (Yehara's mirage). Without players, the content will be a pain to go through and there aren't much. Also Still waiting xD and uhm, yeah anyone want to help? xD

    Would help if you put what server you're on, also try switching channels. Usually on channel 1 there are people killing pinchy.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Eimi said:

    The game seems pretty heavily centered around being able to easily find random parties and regularly completing group content to progress.

    Going against that sounds very difficult for the higher levels ~ can't really think of any advice for that since i've not managed to find any fun guild either so far :3


    Since you stopped playing, you probably aren't particularly interested in this but, as far as the 3rd level of the tower goes ~

    You can clear out the mobs on the edge of the room without aggroing everyone in the entire room, just the current middle boss group & the 3 mobs you're attacking.

    The side mobs don't respawn so after killing a pack, or even one/ two if that's all you can manage, you can run out the room and reset the middle boss, then repeat till the room's clear.

    Alternatively, since some classes, like kfm can knock ppls unconscious after a grab, you could also do this repeatedly to the middle boss while you go around disposing of packs of the mobs on the side ~

    Either way, fighting bomani & the entire room at the same time isn't really a good idea if you're just starting out ><


    Hopefully it brings you some peace of mind to know that what you were trying to do was probably not meant to succeed ^^

    Thanks and I do appreciate the advice. If I decide to return some day I'll keep that in mind.


    10 minutes ago, Zuzu said:

    You forget that you can use your words when you join a random party. It doesn't force you to stay silent.

    I've already made plenty of friends just simply speaking to them, cross server and on my regular server.
    Again, because of your own preference and seems like the inability to type to people, you're quitting the game. Which doesn't seem like a good reason to quit.

    I've said hi to a lot of people. Sometimes I'll get a "hi" back, but no one wants to talk. That wasn't really the issue so much as the fact that we are forced to party up in the first place, making them more of an accessory than a human being. The community should be a feature, not a requirement, or else it takes the magic of it away, because we're only partaking in it because we have to.

  4. 1 minute ago, Zuzu said:

    So this is pretty much your own fault to why you haven't progressed in anything.

    You can easily just go with randoms but you decide to go the harder path and try to solo everything.

    This has nothing to do with the difficulty of the game rather it's your preference that's holding you back.

    That is one way to look at it. Again, this isn't a complaint thread, just my own personal experience. However, from a professional standpoint, scaling dungeons around a specific sized party is bad game design. Yes, it's a multiplayer game, however the point of that is to be part of a community because you want to, not because you are forced to. When you party up with people because you are forced to, they are no longer fellow people, but rather tools you are using to your advantage. And that takes away from the community aspect in general.


    7 minutes ago, Yamyatos said:

    Other than that.. third floor of mushin. Well. Sure. There is a reason the people at the walls only attack you at the last boss. Because you are supposed to kill them before that - the other "bosses" are just a mechanic to annoy you a bit and keep you on the feet and keeping you from eating to gain health. Think of the tower of mushin as a general combat school or something, each floor has some kind of mechanic it wants to teach you to get better. Floor 3 is fighting a lot of enemies / with ranged enemies in it. It's actually one of the harder rooms depending on your class if you only got profane gear so far, but definitely doable with some training. It's a challenge. Generally, after you did it once you'll be able to repeat and improve it each time you repeat it^^

    I did not know that, and it makes sense. I think they could have been a bit more clear about it, however. As someone who plays with a high sense of honor and chivalry, my first inclination was to go for the main challenger directly.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Zuzu said:

    Are you trying to solo it or what?

    I can see why you haven't cleared anything if you are trying to solo everything.

    You can easily clear it if you just go with a party through F7 or F8.

    Yeah my friend has been unavailable for the past month or so. I tried kung fu master, assassin, and summoner. Summoner did considerably better than the rest but still no luck with getting past the first miniboss. I don't use F7/F8, I prefer being acquainted with people before partying with them.


    1 minute ago, Yamyatos said:

    Sorry if i got anything wrong.. but i actually find this post very confusing.


    So.. you played for two months, every day.. but you did not do a single blue or purple dungeon in moonwater (and silverfrost)? Then.. sorry but.. what the hell have you been doing?

    Other than that, even with profane gear i have a hard time imagining that you were not able to beat the 4th floor of the tower if you practiced a bit - well unless you play with a 500 ping or so of course. But then again.. it should be doable. What does practicing mean for you? Repeating it over and over again just to die and not learn, or are you actually thinking about how to improve yourself. While some of it is related to gear, the first stage where people generally are getting stuck is 7, and after that 8. At the point where you are stuck there everything before that should be easily doable first try.. so excuse my confusion when you say that you practices for 4th floor. 


    Also.. you tried the new content until level 46 and then lost interest. Again.. what did you do if you dont do dungeons? And level 46 is literally 2 yellow quests or so - so did you play like 30 minutes of the new content? 

    I played around 3 hours of the new content, up until I arrived at some place with "Cafe" in its name. And I have been doing blue and purple dungeons, just failing miserably and never clearing any. As far as Mushin's tower, if I remember correctly, I got to floor 3. There were 2 people with reasonable hp, which I was able to clear, and then someone with much greater hp, who insta-kills me after everyone teams up on me when I attack him.

  6. Just now, Zuzu said:


    You should've gotten one from the daily quest alone. It should be guaranteed from what I remember.

    And how many times have you ran it?

    I ran it probably 4 or 5 times but never finished it. As I said, I still don't know what any of the moonwater dungeon bosses look like.

  7. Just now, Zuzu said:

    Didn't have the free Brilliant Moonwater key to just get your weapon right away?

    Since I know it came be a pain from what my clan mates have suffered.

    I never got a brightstone weapon box. I was planning on using a brilliant key if I ever got one.

  8. Just now, Zuzu said:

    It was that difficult for you to just do 24man dungeons for money to upgrade your gear?

    Not saying asking this to sound mean or anything.

    Just seems like a lack of effort in actually doing anything to progress seeing that you've played every day for the past 2 months.

    No, I had way more than enough money from crafting. I needed the brightstone weapon.

  9. A little bit late since I actually left Tuesday, but I figured I'd make a quick post anyway.


    These aren't complaints, just general feedback of my gameplay experiences during my time here so devs or whoever can get some idea of the game's difficulty level if they want to.


    In 2 months of playing every day, I still do not know what any of the bosses look like from blue or purple moonwater dungeons, nor do I know what anything looks like in Mushin's tower past floor 3, even after hours of practice. And due to that, I never got past awakened profane. I've been playing games for around 20 years so I'm familiar with general mechanics. I can only imagine how much worse it would be for someone just now entering the gaming community.


    That's about it. I did still have a lot of fun doing misty woods faction dailies, but after a while I realized that's all  I'm logging in to do anymore, and it can't stay entertaining forever. I played the new content up to level 46 before losing interest in proceeding, so I won't know how the rest of the game is.


    Thanks everyone who made my time here more enjoyable, and best of wishes to all of you.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Yaviey said:

    Until we figure out if there's anything concrete we can do on our end from a game perspective

    Two things come to mind. First, the timed fights. They serve no purpose other than to create a content barrier for the majority of the playerbase and also discourages freedom of playstyle, as it encourages skill builds to be set towards a meta. Second, the flame walls during boss fights. A better solution would be to disable repawning while in a dungeon. Respawning would cause the player to automatically leave the party, and players will not be able to invite others to their party while inside of a dungeon.

  11. 17 minutes ago, AgentX said:

    The point is that you learn to manage your stamina.


    But yeah people like you might as well ask for unlimited HP, NCSOFT pls give it to them, so they can stop bitching.

    The saddest part is that this would be a good idea at this point, considering most of the late-game content is unplayable by ~75% of the playerbase.


    5 hours ago, Celler said:

    I think disabling sprint while in fight is a good thing. Players would be too fast and jumpy with sprint. Fights would be quite boring with that I think.

    Although there's indeed improvements to make about that damn "in combat" state which triggers and un triggers really poorly...

    Some exemples :

    - I really often have to wait nearly 5s after a fight to be allowed to sprint again.

    - The Summoner's pet seems to make this bug even more, I sometimes have to wait nearly 10s, seeing my teammates already sprinting away...

    - Why the heck does fall damage trigger fight mode ???

    They already allow animation cancelling, which is much more harmful to the game than that would be. I don't see why being "fast and jumpy" would even be a bad thing. The fights would probably feel a lot more fluid and intuitive. Especially with the limited block/counter/dodges that some classes have, that would be a great way for them to get out of a boss's AoE.

  13. I'm glad you're enjoying it, however I think the negative feedback was justified. From a game design perspective, this was a very disappointing update. It also makes me sad to see how much positive feedback they are getting for the granny character, who is very unsophisticated and immature. If that's the kind of audience they are pandering to, I don't want to see what this game turns into.

  14. 1 minute ago, Taemek said:

    Yeah, I am ok with that too, at least then I can fly kick everyone from ranged unlimited, unlimited knock downs would be nice.

    Pretty sure running skills would have to take a nerf or two if that happened. Probably either remove the CC effect or give it a cooldown.

  15. To add to this, I think it would also be better if the sprint bar wasn't disabled when you attack or take damage. Quite often after I leave combat, it takes anywhere from 15-60 seconds for the sprint bar to become available again, instead of the usual 5 seconds. And I don't think there's any reason to disable sprint while in combat. If we're trying to run away, obviously the enemy is too strong, so may as well let us run away.

  16. 3 minutes ago, xSonatax said:

    I don't understand what people have against pvp, is an important aspect of this game and it's actually pretty fun.

    It's subjective. I personally find it barbaric and do not enjoy it at all, however it's perfectly fine to enjoy it as well. I agree with the other guy about it being a poor decision to try and force it on the players, however it is their game to do what they want. And to be honest, at this point there's much more significant factors causing this game's early end.

  17. Just to add to that, sometimes I'll be fighting someone that spawns close to one like Nekuro in Tomb of Exiles, and one of their knockback attacks will actually throw me into the firewall and kill me. Also the room just ahead of that one, where the three guys run toward you from the other side of the fire, one time I used an approach skill on them and yeah... didn't go well. Basically being punished just for playing the game.

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