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  1. A Gon with height, thigh length, and calf length at minimum is still as tall as an average Jin. Was planning on making a dwarven destroyer. :(
  2. There has been a lot of suspicion that your class's weapon has a lower chance to drop for you than the other weapons.
  3. Danger makes the soulstones more valuable. Would you still want to do it if you had no chance of dying, but the stones only sold for a couple silver each?
  4. Wouldn't being ready to press the arena warper key count as being prepared?
  5. Not very warlock-y, still a cool song though.
  6. Yeah looks like that's the end of it from the maintenance description. Also, I just maxed out my daily limit to test it, and it's still letting me list gold on the exchange. Just thought I'd share that info.
  7. Thanks. Also, does anyone know, are the outfits being taken out of the store tomorrow or is tomorrow the last day?
  8. Is there a limit to the amount of listings you can create per day on the currency exchange, similar to the marketplace?
  9. Thanks I'll get that soul shield. And no, I didn't expect that I'd magically be able to just walk through it now, but logic would dictate that since the next step in my equipment evolution is with the materials from that dungeon, that I should go do it now. I understand that it's a party dungeon, and I understood why I couldn't clear it when I first got there. I just wanted to share that I found it surprising that even at max level it is still out of reach.
  10. I'm Kung Fu Master. Mainly the problem for me is fighting more than a couple enemies at once, as I can't counter them all. I use the 6 second evade buff as well, but that only helps for 6 out of every 18 seconds or so. I got past another blue-ish wall, like the one you go through to enter the dungeon, and then stopped I think shortly before the second dragon blood pillar where a lot of enemies attack me. Thanks I'll look for that one.
  11. Ah, I wish I had 6 people. I'll try once my friend gets on. Mine is Profane Soul Shield 1 through 8. I'm not sure if that one is good or not. My class is Kung Fu master.
  12. I have like... everything up until the point where you need stuff from that dungeon to upgrade further, so my weapon is True Blight, etc. I was able to get far enough in this time to get the infernal ring though, so I guess I'll focus on upgrading that for now.
  13. Not sure how good my gear is considered, but I've been playing just one class since launch (KFM), so I'm pretty comfortable with it.
  14. Yeah I understand that it's a party dungeon. I just found it strange that even after coming back at 45 it remains impassable. If it's the only way, I can wait for my friend to log on. Just thought I'd ask if there was something I could do meanwhile. I'm in a guild already as well, but there's only 2 other members, one of which is my friend that's not on right now.
  15. Not sure what that means but I am not in a party. My friend that I play with isn't on right now.
  16. Seems kind of excessive. Is anyone else having the same problem? I had to play through most of the game with the True Blight weapon because the dungeon was too difficult, came back at 45 and got further in, but still unproductive. Just wondering if I am missing something, or is this dungeon meant for future level caps?
  17. Just keep doing what you did to get it to level 3. When you get other weapons, feed them to your main weapon in the upgrade window. Every 5 levels it will stop getting stronger until you find a specific weapon, which can be seen in the upgrade window as well.
  18. Another way you can do it is trade the items to a friend you trust, then have them trade them to you on your other character.
  19. Well that's just being greedy. You can get 50 without ever pvping.
  20. You can get the 50 defense bonus just by fusing soul shields.
  21. For your compensation, you can have an mmo you get to play completely FREE!
  22. Just curious, why do you think that the listing fee shouldn't go up depending on the duration of time listed?
  23. Well, there's a difference between blatantly refusing to support a game and making the company work for their profits. He's right, in a way. You shouldn't just blindly spend money on a f2p game the first day you play it just for the sake of spending. A lot of the problems with f2p's come from people who blindly throw money at them, so developers get into the habit of thinking they can get away with whatever they want.
  24. You could just buy another character slot instead of deleting your character. I know it's not a perfect solution but I'm pretty sure the cost of another slot will be much cheaper than what you've spent on costumes and bank space.
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