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  1. For some classes like summoner, the controls aren't too bad, but try playing a combo-heavy class like kung fu master and your fingers are going to be tripping over each other trying to hit all the buttons. The story is just very clichè and lackluster, and there's virtually no lore in the entire game. The fire walls do serve a purpose, it's to keep people from re-entering a boss fight after dying, essentially cheesing the boss to death with infinite respawns. The problem is that you could be fighting a boss who happens to knock you back into the fire, or stun/knockdown you and you use F escape
  2. In my opinion, it was time to stop giving them money the day the game was released. Horrible controls, elementary school level story writing, bad level design (fire walls in boss fights). The bots were just the cherry on top of it all. Shame too, as the game looked so promising for the past few years. This is why I have a rule that I play for 3 months before allowing myself to spend money on a f2p.
  3. I'm pretty sure they are aware of the bot problem by now. At this point, all of these topics are just cluttering the forums.
  4. Hello, fellow non-pvper here. I just take all the misty woods faction quests except for the one where you have to kill other players. None of the other ones require pvp, although there is the risk of being attacked. I just try to run away and change channels if it happens.
  5. I had the same question about the quests that have us digging through animal poop. I think someone in the dev team has a fetish.
  6. I set aside a dollar for Ncoin for every 5 minutes the story can go without being clichè. I should be able to buy an outfit sometime in 2020.
  7. As a proud white knight, I feel that throwing that term around like candy makes it lose its value. Save it for the real white knights, like me.
  8. My suggestion would be to not take pvp so seriously. Especially among mmo's, pvp in general does not work. Combine that with the fact that there's a commonly used and legal exploit that NCSoft allows. You shouldn't be pvping to win, just have fun. Learn how to be okay with losing, or competitive games might not be for you.
  9. In regards to the imbalanced classes, no one said they were supposed to be balanced. That's what the difficulty rating in character creation is for. You're right about the bots though.
  10. Should be a 7th option: "I prefer women that don't look like an anime-parody ostrich-human hybrid"
  11. Haha wow, there goes the 4th wall I guess. Ah, I'm a boy so I didn't notice that.
  12. At least I think that's what they are. I'm referring to the one called Temptation. Just got mine and it looks neat and all, but what are those headphones doing there? Not only do they seem out of place with the rest of the outfit, but headphones were invented primarily for military radio use around 100 years ago. All of the military organizations in BnS still use carrier pigeons.
  13. Just something to keep in mind: The added danger is part of what makes the soulstones valuable. If those quests went 100% pve, almost everyone would be doing them, probably even bots, and that would decrease their market value and your income if you're selling them.
  14. You don't necessarily need to "get good". Just have fun and play as much as you feel like playing.
  15. If you mean stunning or knocking them down, etc., you have to hit them with the same status effects twice within a very short period of time (around 1 second I think). When they've been hit once, they will get an icon next to their hp bar that says "knocked down" or something. While that icon is up, you need to hit them with that same status effect again to actually knock them down.
  16. You can buy the lycan weapons on the market if I'm not mistaken. All the extras you got should easily be able to pay for the razor.
  17. I think you only need to reach the 2nd rank, Aspirant, to take the misty woods quests.
  18. I think it depends on the server. On mine, I see the crimsons doing all of that too, and I am crimson so there's no bias there. I wish there was a way to attack my own faction when I see them teaming.
  19. I feel like I'm missing something but for some reason pressing 4 is not reviving me. Is anyone having this problem? Edit: It seems like relogging fixes it.
  20. Alternatively, it only costs around 7-8 gold for an additional slot through the currency exchange.
  21. Random Drow Elf from the Forgotten Realms lore. Not sure if that counts as amazing.
  22. You're right that BnS doesn't have the best combat ever, however I don't think Neverwinter is the game to compare it to. I've played it and it's more or less the same thing. The combat feels more fluid than point-and-click games, yet not quite real-time. It's clunky and seems to move along in chunks. If you wanted a game to show what BnS's combat could be like, I would go with Vindictus.
  23. I might be missing something but, how is wanting to make a Dwarven character abusing the game? Because it's Asian themed?
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