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  1. I was trying to draw attention to the fact that just because your situation is different from his, doesn't mean that his concerns are invalid. Because just as easily, I could use my situation to discredit your own. I have indeed tried many times to get one.
  2. Oh, I don't approve of animation cancelling :( Mostly the problem just seems to be caused by low defense/hp. Since they don't have any way of avoiding damage besides Q and E, which have ridiculously long cooldowns, I mostly just have to tank everything. For offense I just hold LMB mostly, as RMB has too long of a windup and often does more harm than good, and I set the spin attack thing on the parry path, so I can attempt to block some of the attacks.
  3. I'd like to start off by saying that I've played every other class so far (besides warlock) and I don't think I've ever been reduced to 0 hp before blackram narrows (for most of them, I never even had to use healing items). I recently started a blade dancer and have already died in the dreamdrift, the adder's nest (the easy main quest version), while simply killing bulbari's in songshu isle, potdogs in the same place, stonebiters a bit further south, and the sacrificial grounds outside Oakshade village. For the first time I'm not sure I can even get through the main quest line on a character.
  4. You are crying about your force master brightstone weapon? I have a 2 month old kung fu master that can't even get a brightstone weapon box.
  5. A couple gold isn't that hard to get. You can make that much with level 1 merry potters in just a few days.
  6. You don't need the weapon to progress the story. You could just go on ahead for now and buy it when you get enough gold.
  7. This thread gave me a good laugh. Yes, let's take them to court because they didn't give us what we expected in a free game.
  8. I suppose we can agree to disagree. I honestly see no depth in BnS's combat system, as it essentially comes down to "use whatever isn't on cooldown at the moment". I do realize there is some strategy that goes into it, such as skills that work well together or that reset eachother's cooldowns, but overall it is negligible. For me, Vindictus represents what combat in an mmo can potentially be. There's no cooldown on most skills, allowing you to be free to dodge as much as your own personal reaction time allows. Movements feel more fluid, and seems like how it would actually feel to be there fig
  9. You have to remember, animation cancels are an exploit (legal or not) and are part of what is ruining the integrity of pvp in this game (and usually most games that it exists within). It's more of a con than a pro. All of the iframes have unfeasible cooldowns to be used strategically in pvp. In fact, the only time they can be improved with skill is in pve, where the opponents' attacks are predictable. Against a human opponent, you just have to use them when you think is best and pray that you don't have to dodge anything else for 8 seconds.
  10. I don't mean this as an attack against you, but I'm very confused as to what constitutes "deep" gameplay in your opinion. Neverwinter is pretty much the same game as this. Essentially a "battle of the cooldown timers".
  11. The sad thing is that at this point, this is actually a good idea.
  12. Vindictus? Elsword? Those are just some off the top of my head. Even Neverwinter is about on par with it, but excels in that it didn't have such a bot problem. I'm not saying BnS gameplay isn't enjoyable, but it's far from perfect.
  13. I wouldn't say I hate it. I just don't fund it and play it for what it is, as it has not proven to be worth anything so far. The people I find funny are the ones that complain about it after having invested money into the game. I guess they don't realize that they are directly supporting NCSoft's bad habits.
  14. How I imagine NCSoft when they announced the major content update while the bots are still going strong...
  15. Find out on the next episode of Blade and Soul Z! Or just don't spend anything. If they love the bots so much because they buy premium, we should see if they are content with that being their ONLY income.
  16. Dreadtide arena appears before Brightstone dungeon (and profane jiangshi) which means the best weapon they should expect you to have by then is Hujikar.
  17. For some of them, however, you are required to solo, such as Mushin's Tower and Dreadtide Arena.
  18. Well, I have been playing usually every day for almost 2 months now. If that's not enough time to learn my class enough to do a basic blue dungeon, I feel like there's a possible balance problem. Not accusing them of anything, just an observation. Maybe they could just have the enemies' hp tied to the number of people in the party. For example, if there are 3 people in the party, the enemies will have 75% of the hp they would have in a 6 person party. With 1 person they would have 50%. That makes it more balanced regardless of the party size, instead of it being directly geared towards a 6-man
  19. Yes, I am at the brightstone weapon point on all 3 characters. As I said, I understand that it's meant for parties, however I found it odd that I couldn't even take 10% of the first miniboss's hp without dying. That makes me think that if I do party, I will need to be carried, which I'm not too fond of.
  20. But if they moved on to the easy difficulty versions of the next dungeons, how would that not prepare them for it? As I said before, I have all my gear upgraded to the point that now I need to do one of these dungeons to get the next breakthrough items. So now it becomes a matter of "I need to pass this dungeon to get my next item, but I need my next item to be able to pass this dungeon". As I also said, I've been playing since launch, so not sure how much more "learning my class" there is able to be done.
  21. I'd like to start off by saying, this isn't a complaint thread, rather just an analysis of the current state of the game. So, I've been playing just about since the January launch, and have 3 level 45's now. I usually play at least an hour each day and am fairly comfortable with my classes. That being said, I couldn't tell you what one of the bosses from the blue moonwater dungeons looks like, as I've never seen one. I've taken the time to upgrade my equipment up to the point where I need something from one of the blue dungeons to go further. I don't remember everything but I do re
  22. Well that escalated quickly. Feel better now?
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