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  1. It's all right. Some people don't handle criticism as well as others. Let's prove that our opinion is to be taken seriously by keeping this discussion as non-toxic as possible. Ok the one I was thinking of is called Raging Grassquatch. Yeah the environments are very beautiful. That's one of the few things keeping me around for now.
  2. I unfortunately was not able to find it as enjoyable, but I'm glad you are, as well as everyone else who is.
  3. I'll have to log back in and see the name. I think I remember their name being a pun or something. They are east of the town you are teleported to at the beginning of the new questline, slightly before the ploggles. Then there were some more at the faction camps area.
  4. Should be a button in your quest log on the right side of the screen that you can click.
  5. Keep in mind this is a review rather than a complaint. As always, this is a free game so no matter what, we are getting more than we payed for. So, this was supposed to be a big update to renew interest in the game in its dark hour, and it flopped. And it's not like they can try again and roll out another content update on top of this one. Moreover, it seems like the issues the game was suffering from before have only been made worse. -There's still comically overpowered enemies that no one is going to be able to survive against. Now they're out in open-world zones as w
  6. I cringed. NCSoft trying waaay too hard.
  7. This game was a big let down for me as well, especially after hearing about it since around 3 years ago. As far as world design, Perfect World did it better, having no invisible walls and allowing you to be truly free to explore. For combat, Vindictus did it better. Having most of the characters' combos mapped to the mouse allowed for seamless action and as most characters had a dodge that they could use without cooldown, the fights felt real-time and thrilling. For character design, many of the bodies are anatomically incorrect, especially the females. The story is
  8. "I saw snow where I live today so global warming isn't real"
  9. Level 50 survey: "Oh, you're still playing?! Hadn't really prepared for this... uh, here have a silverfrost transformation stone."
  10. Yes, this is the reason that the game has no future. Not the bots. Or the cookie-cutter plot. Or the lackluster gameplay. Or the neglect towards much needed hotfixes. Or the watered-down world design. No, it's definitely the fact that they did not issue an apology for a date change. You do realize that by giving them money, you are supporting their bad habits? You are directly responsible for making them think this kind of behavior is acceptable.
  11. Just curious, what exactly would them giving an apology accomplish? Or is it just for your ego?
  12. This is why I think naming should be allowed. This is literally the only repercussion they can receive for doing things like this.
  13. The devs seem to make a lot of bad design decisions. A lot of them (like this one) are rookie mistakes as well. They should have handed the project over to someone more capable a long time ago.
  14. Does anyone actually do all 40? I'm usually on for an hour and only do 5 each on 4 characters.
  15. Yes, ignore people with common sense. They have no place here.
  16. The expansion is on March 23rd.
  17. Have you actually played the game yet? Or are you basing your opinion of it off of a 5 minute compilation review? I'm not saying it does or does not have better gameplay than BnS, as I haven't experienced it. I'm simply saying that it would be worth checking out for people who don't put so much importance on graphics.
  18. Or, you know, maybe anyone who cares more about gameplay than graphics...
  19. By that logic, no new players should join after the 23rd.
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