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  1. 400 HM coins. I never needed any recipes (if I did I would be screwed since I can't do any of those dungeons). I just make the basic tempered clay refiners, not the premium ones.
  2. I got all of mine through the currency exchange. Extra slots are only around 6-8g each depending on the server, and it's more of an investment as eventually they are going to pay for themselves.
  3. I just buy the materials. Merry Potters + Soul Wardens is about 4-5g profit for one batch, multiplied by 8 characters is around 32-40g.
  4. Is 20g/day considered a lot? I get more or less 40g/day for being on for around 20 minutes.
  5. I understand all the pros and cons of doing that. I just don't find it enjoyable.
  6. I haven't done everything in level 45 content. Still trying to beat the first miniboss of brightstone ruins for almost 2 months now with no luck. My friend is busy with work right now so she can't help me.
  7. True profane pretty much is "progressed". I'm only on awakened profane and have already hit a wall which I will most likely never get over. You don't need to have everything maxed out, unless you want to do it as a perfectionist, but those things do take time. It would be like wanting to win the olympics but not wanting to train everyday, instead of just being happy that you're healthy and in shape.
  8. To be fair, the voice acting is pretty mediocre. Normally I'm not too picky but a lot of times it just sounds like they didn't even try. Most of the time when they talk, it makes me visualize the person with a mic in front of them in the recording studio, more than the actual character in front of me. It's not just this game though, Vindictus's voice acting was atrocious as well.
  9. After you join the guild, there should be a person next to the representative for that guild in Jadestone that gives you a quest to find the sample. The sample can only be collected after taking that quest.
  10. To be honest, I've never gotten a drop from blackwyrm so far, despite having been involved with the fight against him maybe 5-10 times. So maybe I'm not the best person to be giving advice. That's just what I found to be able to consistently damage him without dying.
  11. Yeah it is a poorly designed boss so it's not your fault. One thing that helped me was using the stealth timers. If you run up to him right after he does AoE and stealth, and then refill the stealth timer again near the end of the first one, and then start running away around the end of the second stealth timer, you should be able to get away in time before he does the AoE because it has a cooldown which is fairly long. I've had times where he's turned suddenly and hit me as well. If he does that and damages me, I usually just try to get out of there, heal, then wait for the next AoE and rush
  12. If you mean specifically for blackwyrm, assassins are actually not too bad. Just stay behind him, wait for the big AoE, then run up and do the dash thing from behind that makes you invisible (or right click him while sprinting if he's facing you) and do the whole F and right click spam or whatever that keeps you hidden while dealing lots of damage. At some point during the 6 seconds, poison him then press the inviso-dash button again, I think it's on the 1 key by default. You should have that skill leveled up so it's the one where when you hit an enemy who is poisoned it restarts your stealth
  13. Oh no. I've never taken care of a white circle before. What do they eat?
  14. I kind of like it, she sounds like Applejack. (please don't kill me)
  15. My advice would be: Don't "force" yourself into anything. Games are meant to be enjoyed and you can't force something to be enjoyable. I personally am on my way out of here, with the release of Tree of Savior coming up. But there's a lot of people who do enjoy this game so play what feels fun to you.
  16. This is in open-world, though. And what seems to be a regular trash mob at that. Also, I've mostly been quiet about this but, we have to stop using the fact that it's a multiplayer game as an excuse for poor enemy scaling. There's no guarantee that we are going to be in the exact party size they expect us to. Some of us happen to be playing while our friends are at work or school, and don't like using F8 due to bots or trolls, or just because they are introverted, and there's nothing wrong with that.
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