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  1. Oh hi Skyfrog I remember you. Thanks for the advice. Mostly the biggest thing I care about is a slipdash-y playstyle. Everything else doesn't really matter.
  2. Well, the weapon choice wasn't exactly what I was focusing on, more the gameplay style. I don't mind what weapon they use.
  3. Don't envy them. They burned through all of the game's content in a few days. You'll be enjoying it for weeks to come. Meanwhile they'll probably be the ones flooding the forums in a week or two with "there's nothing to do in this game..."
  4. I support this under the condition that the slider be extended in BOTH directions. Even with it all the way down they are still pretty stacked.
  5. Hi guys, I'm thinking about giving this game a try and wanted to know which class I would like. My favorite character was sword Lann and I'm hoping for some similar play mechanics such as quick reaction time. High risk, high reward. Hard to master, fun to play. The biggest thing I'm looking for is something similar to Lann's slipdash play style. I will most likely never participate in pvp, so I'd rather have a class that will make the most of the pve experience. Thanks in advance.
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