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  1. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    I don't have this problem, and yes I was crashing a few days ago too! So based on this I do not think this has anything to do with Razer product this time around.
  2. "Unable to load friend list"

    bump, still not working
  3. Marketplace sell not working.

    maybe you have passed your daily limit of maximum posting?
  4. Thanks for the new outfits!

    it would be nicer if the wardrobe was functioning and I could change cloths!
  5. Wardrobe and Friends list not working

    bump, friend and wardrobe not working, needs fix ASAP, since my faction cloths are in the wardrobe....
  6. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    Same problem here. That is NCSoft way of saying: you shouldn't pay to play a free-to-play game! Guess who learned a lesson here
  7. Wardrobe error

    Actually, this game has been out for a long time in Asia. So something went wrong while translating this game to English, which is really something incredible x.x
  8. **FIX** for BnSCrashReport after Sign In or in game

    This is the fix they came up with And it actually works, just a heads up, if you update or patch, do these steps again
  9. Just a quick heads-up, if you just updated to the latest patch, you have to do these steps again, otherwise it will crash the game again. =)
  10. Confirmed, after trying to find a workaround for like 2 hours, I came here and fixed it. So I uninstalled razer synapse, and then reinstalled it, now working! hope this helps