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  1. Australians

    It's been a while since release, so many Australians will have either quit BnS due to lag, found a good ping program, or are too stubborn to quit like me. However, this lag is starting to drive me nuts, especially since I know there's an Aussie streamer that has a good 170 ms and is in Diamond. I would ask what program he uses if I could remember what his name was. Is there any Australians out there that can suggest a ping program for me?
  2. Ping Programs

    None of them work for me. I've tried Battleping, Pingzapper, WTFast. When I connect them to the game, there's no difference in performance. The only difference is when I check my ping, it comes up as 0 instead of the ping it's actually at. This has been plaguing me for years. Who can I contact to resolve this, the ping program support people don't seem to have a clue.
  3. Costume transfers?

    Hey, I don't know how many people have asked about this already, but I want to delete my Force Master. The problem is that character has Regium Corvus on them, and I want to keep that costume. Is there a way to give that costume to another one of my characters?

    You need video evidence, otherwise your claim holds 0 value.

    Retreat is your friend. You can F out of combos that involve daze, like when an Assassin roundhouse kicks the back of your skull readying an aerial combo, F out of it. After an aerial combo you can F out as you fall to avoid any follow up. Many combos start with something that you can F out of. Just remember to follow up otherwise you're wide open for another round of attacks.
  6. Artwork of Characters?

    I've been wondering... who can I go to if I want someone to draw a 2D anime version of my character? Would I go message people on DeviantArt or what?
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Scary looking Assassin if I do say so myself.
  8. Pretty much this. WoW doesn't pride itself on mechanical skill, it never has. And this game is more comparable to a fighting game like Street Fighter than other MMOs, which require fast reflexes. Blade and Soul is almost a completely different genre when it comes to combat. No point comparing it to other games.
  9. Long Time PvPer Not Built for B&S

    Limz already covered this a little, but this game's PvP is a lot different to others because it's comparable to fighting games like Street Fighter and Smash Bros, which generally require fast reflexes to do well.
  10. Is KFM the worst PvP class?

    This is simply not true. If you get good counters, you can follow up with very powerful combos, such as your aerial combo, and I've seen a KFM lock me down for 8 seconds while dealing around 40% of my HP in damage.
  11. Australia PvP

    I don't think there's anything else to contribute to the thread.
  12. BD/Destroyer/Assassin Questions

    My class is Blade Master, I've heard that Assassin is their worst matchup. Thanks for the advice so far.
  13. BD/Destroyer/Assassin Questions

    I've tried breaking the BD spin with "pierces defense" attacks, but they just get resisted.
  14. This isn't a QQ post, don't worry, I just have a couple questions. 1. How do you deal with both Destroyer and Blade Dancer spins? Whenever I try to attack I just get stunned, and then they follow up. 2. How do you deal with Assassins in general? They have an unbreakable stun that seems to pop up every 5 secs, and I don't know what's causing it.