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  1. I wasn't assuming anything. You said yourself that you played it 5 years ago. That would be 5 years after the launch. Second hand knowledge means nothing. If you didn't experience it yourself then you really have no basis from which to build an argument. I could read an article all about how Blade and Souls' PvP works at level 45 but until I actually take part in it I will have no idea what it's really like. The fact of that matter is that, like it or hate it, WoW did bring alot to the table and became the foremost MMO because of it. It may not have been the first in terms of when it was made
  2. So you started playing halfway through it's current lifespan and you're trying to argue about what it was like at launch? I played it for a little bit a year ago because my girlfriend loves the game. Couldn't stand it. Doesn't mean I know anything about what it was like 9 years ago.
  3. World of Warcraft. The mammoth that every new MMO, ever, is inevitably compared to by people with no sense.
  4. Neverwinter Nights - 1991 is credited with being the first actual MMORPG. ((MUDS are not considered MMO's so I didn't bother to mention them.)
  5. Then you have obviously never heard of Guild Wars 2 and FInal Fantasy XIV. That or you only play Korean MMO's.
  6. Name 1 thing it does that can't be found elsewhere. And no it wasn't the source of alot of those systems that you'll no doubt mention.
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