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  1. When is the next trove due to start guys? been away from the game for quite some time so i'm not up to date with a lot of stuff.. thanks.
  2. They don't intend to add you as a friend, they do it so you see their sales website name in your friends list, no other reason.
  3. They need to add cat cosmetics too, i still don't get why they removed the diving outfit instead of just leaving it in F10. Really wanted that one but it was gone in like a week :(
  4. Kinda obvious, but make sure you're trying to purchase the single pet pouch and not the 10 stack of them.
  5. Why would NCwest give us the accessory for free when they can double dip us and sell it separately for extra later down the line? I thought people woke up to this some time ago.. guess not >.>
  6. At the end of the day man, we play games because we enjoy them. If you enjoy playing your KFM and you're playing it as it should be played, why let a dps meter play with your head like that? At the end of the day it's just numbers, it doesn't really matter as long as the tank holds his aggro and the boss is downed before any enrage mechanics etc. You obviously have a decent geared character that you've worked hard on, just keep playing the game to have fun.. otherwise what's the point? Seriously, i wouldn't be letting a list of numbers that can be affected by god knows what during
  7. Destroyer and Blade Dancer have a grab mechanic where they pick the enemy up from the ground and hold him, Moonfall is useable while they restrain a boss with that skill.
  8. They're reducing damage on bees too?
  9. Yeah, hopefully it will fix itself.. happened at an annoying time when i really needed to send mails so kinda vexxed me =/
  10. That's good communication, shame it's not like that all the time in parties.
  11. Tried sending mail today after the patch and recieved the message "you must charge Ncoin at least once to send mail" Thing is, i'm a founder and i've made more than one purchase of Ncoin the most recent being 2 weeks ago, so what gives?
  12. Can't remember where i saw it but there was a quote from a game dev that said "I will tell any lie if it helps to sell my product" seems kinda fitting here lol
  13. No DPS meter in 6 mans and only on bosses according to the stream guys.
  14. I watched it a short while before the NA release of the game, and while the animation itself was pretty decent, i found the main character mind numbingly boring to the point of not caring what happened to her by the last episode. Seeing Soha, Yehara, Jinsoyun and Yura animated was kinda cool though.
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