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  1. As the subject says, if an Item in the market place is on the last two lines there is no buy option. I can see the problem when I click on the third from last item, the option to buy or favorite is too low in the window and so is not able to be seen. The Y offset needs to be set to 0 and the X set to a minus number so as the price will be seen when clicked.
  2. ah .. well does my lvl 48 no good, wish they would have made it at least transferable with in the account.
  3. Ok survey 9, which you get after lvl 45 I believe has as a reward a CINDERLAND KEY! Seriously NCSoft? And its not tradeable even within account!?! Why the hell do you put such a think when you don't get the survey until you are well within Moonwater. A Moonwater key would be much more useful. As it is there is nothing that can be done with it, except sell for 1 messily copper! Way to use your brains NCSoft! And it is asking about Viridian Coast to boot!
  4. It is terrible I liked the old way where you click on the region and you got the list of dungeons there, green, blue, and purple. Waited over an hour on a Saturday and never found a group for any of the green dungeons and it also seems they have pulled recipes from 1 Brightstone ruins as well. Have not seen one drop since the patch before SF came out. They need to put it back the way it was. It worked!
  5. Bumping this as it got off track some. I want the old way back where you picked the area and were given a list of all the dungeons in that area, green, blues, and purples.
  6. I understand the frustration so if people could post something like "I agree" perhaps if we can get enough NCSoft will take notice. If enough people let them know we want this, then perhaps there is a chance we can get them back in the list. The only alternative is to not do anything in which case there is no chance we will be heard. Thanks.
  7. Its not about "Bad" Players, its about teaming, social, and if they wanted you to solo it then why even have the brazer outside to search for a team? If you can solo it without leveling higher and coming back, good for you, but lets not call those of use that can't "Bad players" please.
  8. And now because of it the only way to get needed breakthrough materials is to purchase them from the MP. So if you are a new player, you are screwed. And the excuse the lobby map list was too cluttered is BS, you just add another filter for color, it really is not that hard and I would bet only a day's worth of coding. Keep replying and get other to post and lets get them to hear us because as it is now the came has truly become Pay-to-Play!
  9. Can't find a full team after an hour for the Sentinel Ruins or any of the green dungeons where there is breakthrough material that is needed. Bring back the green dungeons to the Cross server please
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