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  1. Using "Name Change Voucher" to trade a Name

    Well, I suppose since your only concern is the law rather than who is or isn't truly at fault, why'd you make a thread? You have no legal ground here.
  2. Using "Name Change Voucher" to trade a Name

    This is the moment where you might want to pick a more suitable analogy for your situation.
  3. Using "Name Change Voucher" to trade a Name

    Pretty sure if anyone bought a car without test-driving it, it'd be their own fault.
  4. Summoner Counter

    Does it say anywhere on your skill that it can't be countered?
  5. 2 times a week maintenance? I want a compensation.

    It's your choice to sit here and whine about something you don't deserve, that's pretty childish. Creating hypotheticals that are completely irrelevant to the situation you're actually in is pretty childish. What you and everyone else are doing is petty and underhanded and... You guessed it, pretty childish. Everyone here is fully aware of what happens when new games get launched, especially popular ones. Even when they're AAA titles backed by AAA companies and millions of dollars. It's just another bug-squashing, server-endurance driving, cluster*cricket* of shit gone awry. I'd imagine not one person here wasn't aware of that fact but you want to try and punish a company for doing what's necessary and healthy for the game because you're self-entitled and greedy. Pretty tasteless in my book.
  6. 2 times a week maintenance? I want a compensation.

    I'm a premium player. I don't feel like I should be compensated. And I don't feel like anyone, much less anyone that isn't a premium player, should be asking for compensation for having not lost anything to begin with. Do you ask your brain for compensation because you can't play BnS while you're asleep? Do you ask your *cricket* for compensation because you gotta' take a dump? You aren't entitled to anything. You really need to stop acting like everyone owes you something. They don't.
  7. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    You're being facetious. You're upset that the servers are coming down again, not for what reason. You're upset that you're inconvenienced, as are a lot of people. But this whole "I have a better solution to every problem than everyone else" posturing just creates negative atmosphere around a company that's trying to at least support their product, which is becoming a rare commodity in the market, even for pay-to-play. I can't imagine why so many have been driven away from even communicating with their playerbases. Could it be this kind of attitude?
  8. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    Are you that hard-pressed to be on Blade and Soul? Just have another game to pass time on or another hobby or call some Betties over. If they're scheduled you can plan ahead so as to not be sitting there twiddling your thumbs and letting the downtime enrage you. Just know that nobody else is grinding ahead of you while you get a few hours to empty your bladder/poop bag for the next 72 hours of farming.
  9. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    Win 10 for life! .... or until Win 11.
  10. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    You really can't win with the gaming community. Either servers never get any attention or they get too much attention. I don't think "they're trying to fix stuff" should ever be a complaint. MMO market is full of neglect when it comes to shit like this. The fact that NCSoft is even putting in effort is leagues above what you get from most companies.
  11. @Community : Good idea? Bad idea? vs Goldspam

    Point taken, lol.
  12. I'm a premium-user and I hate having anything hidden behind paywalls for free players, BUT... And I think we all agree that goldspamming is a *cricket*ing nightmare on this game... How would you free players feel about hiding global chats behind a paywall to force goldspammers to pay for those accounts to spam with, which will in turn, cost them money every time one gets banned?
  13. And another ban without any reason

    This sounds a lot like the same stories everyone who was caught cheating offers up in response to dealing with the consequences of cheating. That's my two cents.
  14. Skill Expansion Ticket a bit op? (Not QQ)

    Are you serious right now?
  15. Skill Expansion Ticket a bit op? (Not QQ)

    Brings up a good point. If I had to decide between being charged to respec or having to pay more for another skill page, I'll take the latter. Edit : I'd also like to point out what everyone seems to keep forgetting. That most of what you're complaining about will be purchaseable with Hongmoon Coins whenever that's implemented. So you won't HAVE to shell out cash if you don't want to.