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  1. So you would be okay with, let's say, only allowing free players to play Destroyer? Only allowing free players to participate in dungeons pre-45? Only allowing free players to spar for PvP? Etc... Hiding features of the game behind paywalls is just poor design. There are plenty of ways of making profit on games that don't include penny-pinching or pigeon-holing your playerbase into feeling forced to go premium just to have an "okay" experience.
  2. I'm a premium user and I'm for allowing free accounts to use the wardrobe. EXP gains, loot gains, etc... should be enough to warrant going Premium. I'm really against walling off access to things behind paywalls. I think Premium should've came with some more character slots, too. This whole waiting a week to delete a character when I only have 2 slots is pretty shit. They need to make it so that you can store Soul Shields in the Soul Shield menu similar to the Wardrobe function. That'd be pretty handy, too.
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