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  1. Silverfrost transformation stone up 60% in cost

    Am i missing something here or what? This players has over 2k in G and pretty sure has the time and effort to farm more G if he wants to. Just buy the damn things and stop complaining. Let me worry about the price of the stones and finding time to farm more G so i can afford 1.
  2. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    Looking for 500AP+ only, preferably summoners, FM's and assassins. Doing 24 man dungeons. Be ready. You died your manhood will shrink, you survive the entire ordeal you will win the respect of cross server humans you will probably never play again with, but hey, at least we will defeat this dungeon in about 1 min.
  3. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    I just make fun of the situation by hosting a party of 4 with at least 1K AP and no weapon. I get pretty good reactions. But im with you guys, 450+ AP for dungeons, lol. Just in case, i have 440 AP on my destroyer and still get annoyed by going through those criteria matches that don't make sense and just wasting time until somebody joins. Pathetic.
  4. latinos

    The problem with a lot of US Muricans is when they go to middle school and high school the education system they are part of is pretty pathetic. So is obvious that geography is one of many subject lots of Muricans lack. They still however the best nation in the world, go figure that one out.
  5. Please explain why i get disconnected from your servers more often than a baby cries when hungry. It is getting ridiculous, I have Verizon Fios 150mb down and up, playing wired to the lan connection (100/1000) and still suffer from the screen getting stopped while it establishes a connection, then I'm either dead or disconnected. It literally takes about 10 to 15 sec for your servers to decided what is the best course of action, Death or Disconnection. Live in Texas, where the servers are suppose to be? It is getting to the point where i only have 2 more days of premium service and if it keeps this going i will be honored to be at the ranks of the free users, after all that is what i feel I'm getting from all other issues are mentioned on others threads. NCsoft, do you think you have the capability of answering this paying subscriber what do i need to do? Or better yet, maybe the community which seems to be a lot more reliable than your servers and support can help me with this. Thank you
  6. Costume ticket Nightshade Harbor

    how on earth you start a 24 man for this dungeon. I went inside and is just me. That's the way to get the ticket right? Through the 24 man Nightshade Harbor?
  7. Wait, what? Really? Profane is good enough even for new patch. I am dedicating my soul to farming this stupid 12 gold requiremnt to update weapon and that is not even counting the materials I need to get from the marketplace as well. Can anyone tell me if this indeed true?
  8. Well I am a premium user and when I created my character I didn't even know you couldn't mail each of your characters stuff if they are on different servers. How on earth one would know about this? This is my first MMO and I didn't even have a clue about that. Now with a Destroyer level 45 and KM level 23 I just don't feel starting all over again. If this is wrong, please let me know how to send mail to my other character from a different server. Thanks
  9. I want to get out of my clan!

    Thank you guys. Will do that asap and I will start looking for better guilds that are productive and playing most of the time.
  10. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    NCSoft, hopefully you are reading this. This will show us how much you care. People will pay for stuff, you will still be making money and we will still be playing this game for a long time if you changed a couple of money business strategies you have in place. Otherwise, you are just bound to get your typical based of players who will play this game at whatever costs regardless on what premium service they get.
  11. How do i do it? My clan is not very productive and they never log in or answer any question. It's my first MMO and I wanted some help and they were never there for me. Now that i know the ropes (a little bit) and just want to belong to a clan that are doing something productive for the clan. So help me, how do i get out of this clan and how can i search for one where players are always online and help each other?