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  1. NCSoft NA could maybe give EVERYONE another free character slot, cos that's what I got when I played JP BnS. ....heh, as if that'd ever happen.
  2. My character is lvl 17. It only took a couple days to get that high, and I just wanted to try out a class. Now that I have a good idea of how the class plays, and the server I was on is one of the heavily populated ones, I figured I'd try another class on a newer server. Guess I'm done with this game for a week, though. Orrr I could just go back to the other games I was already playing because it's such a huge hassle to even log in to this game. It's like this game doesn't want me to play it.
  3. Let me get this straight, you add servers to this game, and expect players to migrate to other servers to relieve server load, but then you have to wait 7 days to delete a character? And to top it off, we only get 2 free character slots to Asia's 3? I'm pretty mad.
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