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  1. Poor Hajoon

    It has been done, my text tone is now "Read the Letter!"
  2. Poor Hajoon

    ...You have given me a great idea today sir.
  3. Low Level Blademaster questions

    The simple answer is...dont, until you get shoulder charge your effectiveness in arena is severely lower than afterwards due to your lack of hp recovery options
  4. Am I the only one seeing this? >.>;
  5. Spambots attacking the forums?

    Well looks like they already got it cleaned up.
  6. Spambots attacking the forums?

    They just sprang up outta nowhere heh.
  7. Spambots attacking the forums?

    Yeesh... In-game is one thing, but come on now...
  8. Daily Dash Outfit

    Does it bother anyone else that you're not able to snag this outfit on all your characters for the account, however your Daily Dash can only be completed once per account and the rewards received once per account.
  9. Daily Dash Outfit

    I wish you could just redeem the outfit on multiple characters, even if it was just the outfit, I don't mind.
  10. Ive been making the brilliant pentagonal diamonds to level and make some cash
  11. All Hail our Merry Potter overlords

    I mean it is kinda silly, i can still make some gold if i get lucky on radiant ring, but my blacksmith is essentially worthless because repair hammers actually cost more to make then to just go to the market board and buy them...silly as that is..can we at least get the pickaxe recipe? I could understand if i needed some lumber from the tree fellers or something but its metal on pickaxes guys.
  12. So much crap... not enough space....

    You use silver for the first few, but technically you use silver to convert venture tokens to hongmoon coins, so there you go, youre using gold. I understand that paying money sucks but hey, there could be just no option to obtain it other than money, so be happy they give you that option. Remember when you were given the option to eat whats on your plate or starve for that night. Whelp, theyve put bacon and eggs on the table, and hamburgers,and fries as another option and your still choosing to starve. So not to sound too harsh but... Tough s***
  13. I dont know how feasable it is for them to locate and instigate legal actions against the bots as they are most likely overseas, and not all countries follow the U.S.'s laws so whats illegal here might not be there.
  14. So much crap... not enough space....

    So, id like to point out the ill-informed OP, when you hit level 45 you will unlock a 45 dungeon named blackram supply train, which you can grind out to obtain hongmoon coins from your guaranteed chest at the end of this dungeon. Considering im 2/2 on getting the coins id say its not a bad drop rate. Which means that once you get 45, you can, and i know its hard, but stop being lazy and grind to get, inventory slots, bank slots, character slots, and whatever else you need from the Hongmoon store. I'm sorry that you dont want to invest time into an mmo, and i understand managing inventory is difficult, but its by no means impossible, and later on you can improve it.
  15. I believe its 30 minutes without moving, and ive actually managed to remote control my computer through my phone and get my character to stay logged in by swinging the camera around, so you must have been doing literally nothing for 30 minutes. Thats some impressively slow reading time.
  16. Player Moderators.

    I also am all for this idea and would put my name up to do it as well, considering my screenshots folder is littered with just pictures to send tickets about this, itd be nice to at least mute them for everyone while, more suitable long-term punishments are issued
  17. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Heya guys, figured I'd chime in with a quick comment. So, I followed the submit a ticket link that a BnS representative posted earlier in this topic and started shooting off tickets regarding several bots in the Yehara, Cerulean Order's Faction Chat, as well as some that were in the dungeon lobby. Now while I haven't seen anything happen to the bots in the game so far, it's only been about an hour since when I submitted my first 3 tickets and all 3 of them received responses within a 30 minute time-frame which is actually impressive for any type of customer support, so let's all pray to god that the screenshots that were submitted with the tickets allow them to distribute bans to the gold bots, and start to clean up my server, and possibly other servers as well if others submit their own tickets.