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  1. Title says it all :) My favorite is force master so far. Pretty disappointed warlock wasn't out. Not enough spellcasters
  2. I pay for premium and I agree. I hate pay to win games. I just got premium for the lower wait times to get into the game. Dropping more money per mob is stupid and an advantage. I hope they get rid of this. A lot of people will seriously stop playing the game if it's pay to win because a good amount hate this.
  3. Chugen can't be found. I did the entire Adders Nest dungeon and he isn't anywhere inside. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. I've only played force master so far and really enjoy it. In all other MMOs I've played ranged healers and spell casters, but in B&S there's only two, and no offense to summoners but they looked pretty boring from the videos. Suggestions from your experience?
  5. Are costumes from the store skins?

    Ohhh wow I didnt even bother looking for stats. Thats so weird o.O Thanks!
  6. Like, can you put the costume over your current (combat ready) gear and have it look like the costume? If so, how would you do this? Thanks :)